Tick Tock Two Choices: You Eat The Bugs Or The Bugs Eat You

Most folks think there is a line they will not cross.

They’re half right.

There definitely are lines but only the dead will not cross them.

What is confusing people is the exact time and day they will cross their lines because every circumstance is prepared and many contusive elements are ratcheting up their likelihood of unfurling just to service our conundrum.

Yep, somewhere the tiniest bit of crappola is hitting a fan

and as it builds layer upon layer it will eventually

have enough mass to be flung into our path as

a magnetic idiocy puddle, the likes of which

up to this point we would’ve been hard

pressed to believe could even exist

but there it is and its time to fall in.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Mysterious forces at work rat here…


Turns out dude may have been doing what drug companies call a normal flip out. Nothing to see here folks!


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  1. God help you.


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