Time To Snap Open A Can Of Placebo Whoop-Ass On Life

of course snake oil works read the label

When even shrinks won’t  talk to a certain fella, we know we’re contemplating a nasty bit of work.

An appropriate description of Barry L. Williams, apparently.

After being on a wait list for 5 weeks, my local mental health professionals just informed me that they won’t consider meeting with me until I stop taking my drugs and start taking theirs. And they were pretty blunt about complying with their demands to be eligible to see a head doktor.

I’m baffled how they can arrive at this diagnosis without even having any kind of tête-à-tête with their supposed wacky patient!

They assume they know what is causing dude’s problems and yet they overlooked his biggest challenge – a passionate inability to conform to AKSA. (All-Knowing Squat Authority)

Anyway, The Powers That Be got me so riled up that today I

decided that because I’m the guy who speaks the most

to moi and due to having a wee smidge of history

with you-know-who, I will also be the fellow

grabbing my life-bull by the horns and

as such self prescribed a one-half

reduction in internal spirits

(which provides for being

hammered only every

second day now) with

a 100% wide open belief 

in my ability to heal my own

stupid self. This could turn into

an interesting mind game for which

players will be needed so please don’t wander off.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Time to go into training. Just lak dees boisse.

2 Responses to “Time To Snap Open A Can Of Placebo Whoop-Ass On Life”

  1. been on regular vitamins and meal replacement drinks for five weeks now and feeling much better.

    Buck the head doktors. They won’t be practicing on me! HA HAHHAHAHHH!

    Plus by putting my story on Google it will alter the spirit of that beast which will alter the spirit of all beasts.

    And do no evil in the meantime. Amen.


  2. Still doing the vitamins and shakes and have limited any drinking on daze off to one glass of wine max. And only that if I’ve been physically active or productive.

    Feeling good and feeling good about feeling good if you know what I mean.


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