To What Shall We Adjust?

Many folks know who they are.

There’s no need for a tonement

because these people know

there’s only one runway

they can land and take off from and that’s their own.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

5 Responses to “To What Shall We Adjust?”

  1. I dedicate this story to my son Bryce.

    Except for his intelligence, Bryce is just like me.

    Smartass Knowitall.

    Sept bro gots bigger mitts and a more futuristic punch.


  2. Bryce is smarter x10+ than me. Ats why he doan lak teepin hees hat.

    Aint wise yat.


  3. yat


  4. Very poetic. I like how you said “smart ass”. Haha. I know this Lynyrd tune very well. It’s a very inspiration song.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Thanks, thanks and thanks.


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