Today’s Wrong Is Yesterday’s Right

Human knowledge is a staircase leading to many levels of comprehension.

On level one we’ll find stuff that was true way back when our world was flat with an edge to drop off and on level two people think that a horse is the fastest thing on earth.

The third level is jammed with folks who know without a doubt that there are entities watching over our finite lives and the certainty of these knowers is offset by a segment of naysayers who hint at the folly

of human imagination. The third level is also the Real Level &

what we know to be true on this level is The Truth every

domino all the way down. The big challenge we face

on this level is exactly the same as the one

we overcame on previous levels to get

here and that is our hesitation to

acknowledge a door marked

“Exit” because there may

be steps we could take

to prove how wrong

we are about this

stuff we know

to be right.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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