Trouble Brewing? Make Mine a Double!

You got your big on bad and little eye on good graphicCould you use a hand?

Do the expectations surrounding you seem more suited to a Clone & Kin tag-team than the single round grudge match you signed up for?

If so  – take heed – because the pressure you feel is exactly the same as 90% of your fellow humans, whom like you have sooner or later bitten off more than they could chew or promised waaay more than anyone in their right mind could deliver.

Halt Already With The Bad Seed!

With little awareness of our burden, each of us has been saddled with an overpowering biological mandate to go forth and multiply.

That’s our main job.

The fulfillment of this evolutionary compulsion to advance requires a lot more “going forth” than “multiplying” and as a result the vast majority of us are constantly striving without fully comprehending the reasons driving our efforts.

This cognitively limited activity carries with it both fascinating and frightening implications – both of which we should be aware:

The Up Side

  • Multiplying Positive Intent – Within humans resides an unquenchable need for increase and this compelling desire powers positive commerce and the development of cohesive tribes in every nation. Its this element of human nature which creates the rise of potential employers who originally begin sharing their income in the hope of creating more opportunities, more employees and maybe even another captain to pilot all the ships coming in.

The Down Side

  • Duplicating Negative Imaginings Our desire for increase knows no bounds and as such, we automatically giant size every potential challenge, too. Even military types have begun anticipating this doubling force after observing how some targets seem to possess an ability to dodge bullets. This imaginary capacity for fate avoidance has encouraged a practice known as “Double Tapping” where two rounds are fired in quick succession to ensure that anything in the sight-line has more than one problem heading their way. Nope, one is not enough.

While many people eventually understand that their fantasy life assistant is gonna be a no show, a high percentage of folks still cannot resist the downside of this force and they continue turning every molehill into a ginormous mountain.

Remember What We’re Fighting For

Simply knowing that humans have a penchant for multiplicity which tends to lean more towards the downside than the up should be enough to alert us to any negative event being blown out of proportion in our own lives.

I think by now we all agree that when there is only one of us doing all the dodging, we need our “taps” to be as small as possible.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Maybe you have too much time on your hands. If so, take a look at this:

And take a short listen to Hank Williams Jr. – Hank knows about blowing up life!

11 Responses to “Trouble Brewing? Make Mine a Double!”

  1. The sex drive has got a lot to answer for Barry. I haven’t read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, but I think it’s based on sexual energy. It’s why I prefer one woman only. 😉 It makes life simple, and leaves some energy for business purposes.

    I’ve been lucky with the downside; – not often affected. My friend had a good saying for when I was worried about something. “What’s the worst that could happen?….They could eat you.”

    I know that they’re not going to eat me, so my worries are back in perspective. 😆

    I like the new concise Barry. 8)

    John McNally recently posted..PLUGINS for Blog COMMENTS

  2. Pallywalster,

    I read, read and friggin re-read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. During that time I did:

    1. Very little thinking.
    2. Not much growing.
    3. Absolutely no finding of Riches.

    In fact, that silly old fart Napoleon Hill wrote the book for himself while being paid for doing screw all else by the American government.

    Holy, I just realized that Napoleon Hill could be a government propaganda agent and the entire self help industry could be a made up affair so everyone feels a wee pinch of self doubt.

    At least, that’s what I think after two wines…

    Dude, two hours to get here after I hung out the wash – what are you, watching my house or something?

  3. Hey Barry,
    Mate it is 9.30pm and had a full day at work and enjoying a few sherberts so it makes it hard to respond with something of value to such a thought provoking subject.

    Love the video …country & western is one type of music I prefer to listen to…

    Brian Tracy makes more sense than Hill.


  4. @Bryan McHeyzer,

    Yes, I believe Brian Tracy is my father.

    At least, that’s what Betty Crocker – my mom – told me.

    I’m still working on being able to generate parking spaces with my mind the way B. Tracy says he can through employing the Super Conscious.

    Hail, I’m still trying to get the Super Conscious to get ME to do something…

    Thanks for stopping by Bryan and uh, what’s sherbert?
    Barry from Saskatchewan recently posted..Trouble Brewing Make Mine a Double!

  5. @Barry from Saskatchewan,

    Hi Barry,
    A sherbert is a nickname for a beer.

  6. Thanks Bryan. That’s what I need is another name to call my old buddy beer.

  7. Hi Barry

    Fortunately I was saddled with the overpowering biological mandate to go forth and multiply at an early age and what a great time I have had ever since.

    As a C&W fan, thanks for the video of Hank Williams Jnr, whose dad was a bit of a lad, and liked a taste or three.


  8. Buddy – good to hear about your biological mandate and the fact that you like country and western.

    My mom used to listen to Hank Williams Senior all the time on account of old Hank knew a ton about crying and like you said, he enjoyed a taste or three and knew how to inject gainful pain into some great tunes.

    I shore love genuine people who can radiate their authenticity without hurting others and you’re in Hank’s club, mister.

    Thanks Bill.


  9. Hey Barry,
    Quite a thought-provoking post, as usual. People’s penchant for turning molehills into mountains does make you wonder. If they spent as much time creating more positive thoughts, think where the world would be now!

    BTW, Think & Grow Rich has some good advice. It’s written in an format from yesteryear that makes it rather cumbersome. The riches aren’t in the book – they’re in YOU! LOL

    Have a great day Barry. Keep ’em rolling,
    Val 🙂
    Val Wilcox recently posted..Fear is a State of Mind

  10. Hi Barry, good, good stuff to ponder. Isn’t ‘double tapping’ the sign of a professional hit man? I know, I’ve watched too many mob movies.

    “..the reasons driving our efforts.” I’m never more single minded than when I’m playing my guitar or my piano or… nevermind 😉

    Yep, for sure Barry, I’m in that 90% and I’ve choked on my own aspirations and machinations. I still intimidate myself with impossible nonsense, that is until I come to my senses and then leave them to sit down to a large mug of ‘family tradition’. I’m a northern yank but every time I hear Hank Jr. I know I’m a good ole boy at heart.

    Thanks for taking the time to look through the reflections of a world in endless transition. Be well my friend, Steve D.
    Steve@social bookmarking recently posted..Social Bookmarking For Internet Marketers

  11. @Steve@social bookmarking,

    Thank you so much Steve.

    Mister, you are so very eloquent and invaribly you send me running for a dictionary.

    You are one clever dude, mister.

    I’m glad Hank Jr. didn’t scare you off because he’s one of my kin not through name but through nectar.

    Have a grand day, pal.


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