Trying Hard Means A Lotta Mistakes Some Of Which Will Be Big

You can’t be wrong about all things.

Once in a while, whether you like it or not, you’re gonna guess correctly.

When that happens, run toward yer goal as fast as your surprised little legs will carry you.

Run fast and strong toward that winning goal and pass the ball

to a couple of other players so they can score an assist and

when this game is over they will remember you as a

team player.

There! Now you have value in your future but it’s

still game on and your luck is running out so

get up, stay up and take as many people as

possible with you to the promised land.

Make certain to do this without wearing a shit

eating grin on account of its called a shit

eating grin due to it leading directly into Crap Crater

which, had you not been wearing that shit eating grin,

you could have avoided.

Now you need those comrades we spoke of earlier.

And a big ‘ol toof-brush.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

The Emotional Bank Account? Balance, please…?


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