Want A Clean Mind? Change It More Often Than Your Underwear

graphic of dude looking through huge microscope with words never the same world twice: keep looking
Mysteries will not uncover themselves. They need us.

I am so wishy-washy.

But fortunately for me,ย  I am not alone.

Anyone in my culture who changes their mind a little “too often” whether due to new findings, epiphanies or collected data will be painted with the same brush.

Being wishy-washy is not a good thing – just in case you don’t know – because the confusion and complacency that surely results from constant mind changing will eventually cause the sufferer to never be able to make clear choices about anything ever again.

Nope, everybody knows that nothing good can come of continuous and contagious mind changing, even if it is called something silly like learning or adapting

We Can’t Get Better by Staying The Same

The vast majority of folks want better lives and will automatically volunteer that their main purpose for existing is to make the world a better place for themselves and others. (usually in that order, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

But just HOW do things get better unless we get better? And how do we get better if we aren’t able to accept a new reality where things are almost imperceptibly different?

We can’t. Its that simple.

Open Up Your Mind, See What You Find

Each and every adjustment we make to our minds today will definitely modify our world-view tomorrow and that newly recognized reality cannot help but present new circumstances which we can then act upon.

Before long, new and beneficent patterns of reality begin to emerge which automatically shift our world view and alter the effect of every evolutionary step on our stairway to the heavenly future which awaits us.

And all this happens just by us being willing to change our minds. This is really far out, really.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

10 Responses to “Want A Clean Mind? Change It More Often Than Your Underwear”

  1. This story caused me to think about another fable that requires writing and dagnabbit, if you’re not going to author it, I will!

    It is, of course, the twelve step program for wrongaholics and I have no doubt it will change some lives. Starting with moi.

  2. Hey Barry

    Ohhhhhh I liked this post!

    I see people trying to make money online all the time and when they ask for advice and I tell them they need to change what they have been doing them seem surprised????

    If what you have been doing so far is not getting your results, maybe it’s time to change what your doing, so simple!

    Sally ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sally recently posted..Writing Testimonials Benefit You Too

  3. Thanks Sally.

    I love the image you have attached to your comments. It appears like we have a follow up Sally to contend with in the future. Good on you and your fantabulous cohort, missus!

  4. I like to think I’m Mr Wishy-Washy Barry, I find it difficult to get into arguments because I realise the other person believes what he’s saying, so why should I intrude on that belief? It’s probably just as valid as mine anyway.

    I have got strong opinions on some things such as wars, but It’s not worth having an argument or discussion over it, because at the end no-one has changed their mind, or shifted position. So it’s a waste of nervous energy.

    Keep these thought-provoking posts coming Barry. 8)

    John McNally recently posted..How to Sell Your Paintings

  5. I’m with you, John. I don’t argue and have taught myself to remain silent when I am in my most angry state.

    While that practice has assisted me to avoid many loud disagreements, it hasn’t stopped me from saying stupid things I end up regretting later. At least they aren’t spoken in anguish, just foolishness.

    Thanks for the comment, friend.

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  7. No, thank you.

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  9. Barry ya cherry bugga, how’s it all going? Great to see the daily poetry still spewing forth, along with these all classics in the back catalog. You’ve got more posts than Yellowstone at this rate. Cheers mate.

  10. Yo Dan, Dan, The Heat Press Man! You nailed it pally – I am the great spewer!

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