Want A Taste Of Big Boy Juice? Be A Forgiving Simon Says Leader First, Okay?

Darren Brown Russian Roulette
Its a game dawg. Lighten up.

Most children learn about soul power early and they exercise it often.

Unwritten rules demand that the first playa to stamp their foot on

Home plate while shouting “Black magic I’m first!” naturally

Secures the primary spot in whatever game is being

Played and every tot perceives that a game is

Definitely ON. This adherence to a code

Of power creation is not only the

Basis for children’s schemes

But continues into adult

Life even though we

Forget that these

Are only big kid


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



7 Responses to “Want A Taste Of Big Boy Juice? Be A Forgiving Simon Says Leader First, Okay?”

  1. Of course there was a lot more to the childish chants than what I’m revealing here but uh, you got to be skull and bones compadres to learn about them.

    For those of you who don’t think chanting counts for anything.

  2. You don’t kick someone out of the game for not following through.

    They do it enough times, they’re in a different game now.

    One where they determine the rules.

    And we ask them what they are.


  3. Snuffing is not necessary.

    Shunning will do the job.

  4. I agree we are all defined in some way by our childhood experiences.
    David F recently posted..American Blacklist: The Attorney General’s List of Subversive

  5. Don’t forget about adolescent and adulthood experiences. Middle age experiences and senior years experiences need to be right up there, too.

  6. fascinating site, I’m gonna take a look at it frequently, bye my friend!

  7. How you know we’re friends, friend?

    I haven’t even borrowed anything from you yet…

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