We Are WAAAY More Screwed Than You Think But You Didn’t Hear It From Me

Fukushima + 98  (June 16, 2011)

Kathy Williams Devil

Yeah, that’s her, officers…

“Now SHUT UP about that stuff, you hear?!”

“I don’t want to listen to one more thing to do with that GARBAGE!”

My wife Kathy was right pissed and I could see her point(s).

It was Fukushima plus 94 (June 12, 2011) and for three months straight I had been detailing this horror story to her and our trapped at home son .

But enough is enough.

She forbade me to say any more about IT while insinuating that a certain home made wine maker’s capabilities might hinge on total acceptance of her decree.

To a dangerously dry dipsomaniac packing limited funds and places to bed down, my mad mate might just as well have tapped my timeline or hoofed me a good one in my awol gonad repository.

Her admonishment was THAT intriguing.

In 26 years of surviving her hinting input this was the first time “my darling” (as she conspiratorially calls me behind my back) had issued a member of our family a direct order.

Most previous discouragement techniques circumsized all project interest via deadly penetrating gazes or in extreme cases menacing hand gestures like an eye gouging finger dragged menacingly across drawn lips.

And when I think of it, I bet a lot of folks feel just like my good wife. They can only focus on hull leaks for a short time before that shite gets old or even unbearable.

What all this means to you is: now you are my only audience.

So grab a cup of wine and your favorite smoke because you and me are about to get very busy.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

We face life style changes like never before and they will be driven by instinct, not instruction. HOW we feel about what is happening in Japan today may determine whether we are even around to feel about stuff later.



Hank Williams Jr. – Family Tradition

Country music singers
have always been a real close family
but lately some of my kin folks
have disowned a few others and me
i guess its because
i kinda changed my direction
i guess i went and broke the family tradition

they get on me wanna know Hank
why do you drink?
(Hank) why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?
over and over
everybody made my prediction
so if i get stoned
I’m just carryin’
on an old family tradition

I am very proud
of my daddys name
although his kinda music
and mine ain’t exactly the same
stop and think it over
put yourself in my position
if i get stoned and sing all night long
it’s a family tradition

Don’t ask me Hank
why do you drink?
(Hank) why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?
If I’m down in a Honky-Tonk
Some ol’ slicks tryin to give me corrections
I’ll say leave me alone
I’m singin all night long
it’s a family tradition

Lordy, I have loved some ladies
and I have loved Jim Beam
and they both tried to kill me
in 1973
when that doctor asked me
Son how did you get in this condition
I said hey sawbones I’m just carryin on
an old family tradition

So don’t ask me Hank
why do you drink?
(Hank) why do you roll smoke?
Why must you live out the songs you wrote?
Stop and think it over
Try and put yourself in my unique position
If I get stoned and sing all night long
It’s a family tradition!

Lyrics courtesy: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/williams-hank-jr/family-tradition-10115.html

2 Responses to “We Are WAAAY More Screwed Than You Think But You Didn’t Hear It From Me”

  1. You think you’ve got problems. A volcano burps in Chile and aviation is grounded in Australia and New Zealand. Australia is temporarily ok, but New Zealand is still off limits. Mind you, after the last few “aftershocks” of 5.5 and 6.5 on the Richter scale, I’d say NZ is off limits for everybody.


  2. @Don Maisey, Lots of weird shite happening as we move into a new galactic cycle.

    Sun spots, gravitational effects of planets, human greed and stupidity are definitely going to have their way with us.

    I think the Mayans were right: history is calling.

    Thanks Don.

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