We Have Photos, Sound and Bill Clinton Saying You Licked A Chicken’s Arse

Lee Harvey Oswald taking it home Nov 24, 1963

Dude can hit the high notes

There was a time when photographic evidence was the shit.

Someone had film of you with that nameless goat and there was no getting around the fact that you might be a tad more Billy friendly than anyone judging your lifestyle.

Then, out of the blue one day folks realized they could

Manipulate images and audio and now we have

Robot software that speaks better and

Is more polite than most people.

Does anyone else see where

This might be headed?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Just because you’re herd friendly don’t mean we won’t pay three hundred smackers to have supper with you, mister reality definer BC.


3 Responses to “We Have Photos, Sound and Bill Clinton Saying You Licked A Chicken’s Arse”

  1. I noticed the Department of Nome Land Security was on my site the other day and now Google has removed my ad sense or whatever the hail you call it.

    Shite. I was at seventeen something dollars for the last year and really counting on that loot.

    Maybe if I write an apology I can get my account back.

    Ya Tink?


  2. I truly believe its mostly because of bad grammar.


  3. Bad Grandma I meant to say.


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