What If You Were Nothing Like People Thought You Were?

graphic of mexican woman and man dancing
I could take your eye out and it would look accidental so be nice

James Brown and Pavarotti. Two cool humans on either end of the same scale.

Wow.  Please notice how many times this video has been listened to because a few thousand of them are me.

Neither of these dudes could have had any idea how many folks they’d be serving today. This era we exist in today is truly awesome. No?

In For The Long Run

I wonder what lies just beyond our current beliefs and imagination? My guess is we’ll soon find out.

Let’s strap up and do this.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “What If You Were Nothing Like People Thought You Were?”

  1. Barry,

    What a great video. I can see why you listened to it so many times.
    Also an interesting blog. You have a lot of unique things to say. You see the world in ways that matter.
    All the best,

    Thanks very much Ann, I appreciate it. And yes, James Brown and Pavarotti are incredible performers in this timeless tune.


  2. I friggin love these dead dudes.


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