When Microwave Ovens Were Unbelievable

yes there are devil children

They were standing there, surrounded by expectant looking strangers.

One of the smaller boy strangers motioned a cup toward the new

groom who cocked his head off to the side, peering at his

new wife as they embarked on some strange game,

in a strange town, surrounded by strange folks

who surely don’t treat all new visitors with

such suspicious anticipation. “Go on,

stick your finger in this cup of

water!” little strange-boy

ordered after smirkily

taking it out of a box

that dinged as if to

signal that the whole charade would soon lose its allure.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

4 Responses to “When Microwave Ovens Were Unbelievable”

  1. My car broke down during my honeymoon and my wife and I were forced to stay with distant relatives while it was repaired.

    These big city Edmonton, Alberta folks introduced us to this new invention – the microwave – and dude heated up a cup of water and had me stick my finger in it.

    My (practice) wife and I stood there, watched little dude stick the cup of cold water into this fair size box and then he closed the door and turned a dial.

    A light came on in the box. We stood there.

    The Edmontonions all smiled and nodded as the light shone and we just stood there.

    Forty-five seconds of this seemed like an eternity and I was trying to signal my wife that we might want to initiate our skeedaddling plan when I became the one for whom the bell tolled.

    Right after that I burned my finger to the amazement and laughter of everyone but me and my wife. We just stood there.

    The entire thing was quite unbelievable but many others have burned their own fingers from doing this same, stupid trick.


  2. Great article! loved reading it Thanks for sharing.


  3. not sure who wrote this but i was kinda confuzzled about the jesus part


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