When One Room Is Filthy We Should Be Wary Of The Entire House

this trough is long and wide

Entitlement is like an invisible fungus that erodes all contact with sound thinking.

If any person considers it in the clan’s best interest for them to have a bigger piece of cake than the people baking said cake, they will eventually encounter rational tribe members who will bring a halt to this process in order for everyone to take a closer peek at the motives of bakery thieves.

Surely by now you realize that sustenance is doled out based on value to the community not ability to sneak under the baker’s cloak to snarf up whatever treats

grubby hands can be laid upon. And just because there are a

bunch of scoundrels assembling in the kitchen doesn’t

make what you folks are thinking of doing any

wiser because as soon as the dessert

tray is empty everyone who

didn’t get any goodies

will be looking for

a piece of you.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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