Whom Is The Primer Of Your Pumpy Pump Pump?


How do you know when you’ve fallen asleep?

Do you pinch yourself from the inside deep?

Will you let that dawg lethargy creep

And gum up your works until

Dumb is sweet or

Is there a bull to grab by the horns?

Ya got some band-aids for these bloody thorns?

How’s another look besides so forlorn?

Do it friend, it’s your turn.





One Response to “Whom Is The Primer Of Your Pumpy Pump Pump?”

  1. If the first prime doesn’t take then prime again.
    Take the plug out and flip the switch for a second only then
    put the plug back in.
    Prime, prime, prime then flip the switch again.
    Now the sound is different.
    Or prime the damn pump again!

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