Why I Now Love Regina Police Service

Our joint was 95% smoked. We were 100% high.

Knock knock knock we hear @ our door.

Hmm, who could that be? One of our son’s friends?

My 53 yr old high wife opens the door.

Two serious but non threatening Regina City Police officers stood on the other side.

“Are you Mrs. Williams?” the closest officer asked.

“Y-y-yes I am,” my too high for cop activity wife answered.

“Is your son Brett home, we need to speak to him.” the police officer continued.

Brett came to the door and dealt with the issue of him being in love illegally

and even though he was high as a kite he had the presence of mind to

listen carefully to the officer’s advice and to seal their serious

discussion with a handshake. I hope the officer was

impressed because I sure was and I have a

whole new respect for my son and the Regina Police Service.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

This is the tune I had blaring on the computer as the cops knocked on our door.

Regardless of how tough the noise made us sound, my wife Kathy and I were shitting bricks on account of the old notion that where the police are, trouble has bin or is a commin.

Excellent guidance from the police officers and Brett’s natural demeanor cooled the entire situation down.

Mah dude.

Roy Jones – Can’t be touched

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