Why Marching With Signs And Short Term Occupying Will Never Change Anything

Billboards, flashing neon signs and magazine / newspaper / television advertising all work.

None of them achieve their goal each or all the time but over time they bring home the bacon more than other methods of influence.

Like a big pot hole in any road they establish themselves and with each interaction

get deeper and more effective in leveraging conduct and before anyone

knows what hit them folks are altering behavior without giving the

new program any thought. This is the major difference in

effectiveness between people gathering with signs

for a day and a billboard that slightly impinges

upon us day in and day out. One process

disturbs while the other conditions

and its downright disturbing

how opposed we are to

being disturbed and

how easily we

are conditioned.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


4 Responses to “Why Marching With Signs And Short Term Occupying Will Never Change Anything”

  1. No one has seen CEOs of major studios or newspapers out protesting with signs.

    Nope. These folks know that more news is happening tomorrow and quite likely that shite will overshadow today’s shite.

    Tomorrow, tomorrow. We’ve got to think about tomorrow.

  2. want to change business and banks?

    stay away from their parties.

  3. this is also why TPTB will not allow protestors to hang around.

    they become too effective with their minute influences

  4. clear out all em tents and the TPTB say: We can’t have you folks sending a signal every single day so you’ll have to leave the park. Come back another day when you’re not so voisterous, pleeze.

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