Willing To Fall Over Friend? We Hear Here.

Most folks don’t need that much hep beyond fifteen.

Fifteen says to a person that you bin on the surface

long enough to start fending for yourself and

even if you don’t think so, fend for yer

brethren, too because if this shite

works yee got yerself a crew

that will withstand both

the silliness and the awesomeness of humanity.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

They’re forcing me to smile!

8 Responses to “Willing To Fall Over Friend? We Hear Here.”

  1. I don’t often comment on my own stories but this one is a pile of shite that is probably going to get me into many lawsuits.

    Anyone know a good and non-judgemental lawyer?


  2. a course what ahm ean by this is pepple who have lived more than 39 – 49 years but steel seam lak keedz.


  3. Lak dey don’t know.

    An axe ’em.

    Dey don’t.


  4. No really.


  5. Really.


  6. You know.


  7. Noah, I checked everything out and it seems fine.

    Got any tea?


  8. I’m like pointing the way to the CVR cockpit voice recorder.

    Its rat over der.


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