Yer Absolutely Perfect Miss Out On Fortunate Mistakes


You think you’re good.

You’re outa sight. You might be right.

You might be right.


But this kinda good soon starts to bite.

Amn’t I right? Amn’t I right?

Damn right I’m right!


You’ve got your head so far up your life.

No one around you can bring any light.

You are the light. You shine so bright.


Amn’t I right? Amn’t I right?

You are the light. Shinin’ so bright.

Not tonight… alright?


Yer absolutely perfect miss out on fortunate mistakes!

Maybe they don’t got what it takes, to make mistakes…

Ya gotta bake hard on them mistakes!

Mistakes wanna be made. They do!

Mistakes wanna be made.

Like you and me!

They wanna be free!


Shake a mistake on the barbee,

An let’s kook some’in up!!




Thank you, friend.

Barry out.









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