Yer Not To Waste Time. Yours Or Anyone Else’s.


You don’t have it made!

You ain’t in the shade.

You alive now but should be daid!

You caused a lotta shit.

You screwed in the haid!

Said wacked in your head Fred.

People are dead!

On accounta you.


You held dude up three hurtful seconds.

When you didn’t know to stay stopped or go.

Now the train done went and hit him.

He nearly missed it, two fucking seconds slow.

You killed him by holding him up!

You can kill people by holding them up, yo.


But you don’t know! You. Don’t. Know.

And you’ve got no idea that you don’t know you don’t know!

You’re stupid, so stupid.

You’re a lame brain piece of shite!

You play this game cheating every day,

hoping nobody catches onta ya right?!


Well, how to go from here Captain Smart?

Just how does one proceed?

When causing death and utter destruction?

Your hesitation at not assuming yer speed,

Causes a hesitation wave of it’s own.

That wave of hesitation throws the universe a loop.

And a parallel space time snaps home.

And in that snap a train rips ahead three tiny smidges,

like a towel whipping cracks outa thin air.

And your snap got that sucker by his short ones.

Your universal time ripple laid him bare.


Then a peaceful, casual evening sloshes into shit and sorrow.

In trade for three lousy seconds of your time!

That ain’t right and boy, you know it.

Once you do, hopefully you do…

Now git afore you start tryin’ to waste MY time,

Or I start wasting my own time on you.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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