Yes, By All Means Go With The Flow But We Still Must Somehow Rise Above It

baby learning how to walk

Most folks understand resistance.

They know that walking against oncoming  traffic is more difficult than moving in the same direction as everyone else yet the vast majority of us do not contemplate the next logical move:

Climbing above our stream for a wider, longer perspective so we can better direct our motion.

So here is a practical plan on how to reach the top of this game:

1. You’re in the water and like almost everyone else see obstructions as your enemy.

2. First wrong move. Every obstruction is not your enemy if you are able to utilize it for maneuvering or floating. Look hard for a log.

3. Grab onto the first log you find and look for another. Where one exists there’s two.

4. With your focus off the flow and onto what it influences, you have initiated a raft building plan. Find that second log and lash the two together.

5. Climb up on your unstable raft to get out of the water. Spotting and not getting hit by other floaties is easier from here. Sense your new relationship with the flow.

6. With floaties as building material, that which was previously dangerous is now a boon to you. Seek these old threats out, adding each one to a more stable platform and congratulate yourself for creating such an awesome place in the sun.

7. Now being more aware of floaty types, snag materials to construct a raft roof. Take your time and enjoy directing your raft from place to place in the stream by implementing and experimenting with a rudder.

8. As overhead cover evolves so do choices regarding how weather plays with or plagues you. The elements have become your partner.

9. Sing now at every opportunity to reveal and revel in your spirit and also to raise any curiosity from the flow surface that is certainly awaiting your cue.

10. Navigate to those potentials and lighten your workload by hoisting them into your heaven.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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