Yes, You Can Guess What’s Going To Happen But Remember, It’s Just A Guess.

Many folks make predictions.

They get worse at making good predictions

though when they fail to notice the contrast between guessing and predicting.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Prediction must contain proof.

Verbalization. Written evidence. Confabulations. Collaboration. Discussion. Planning. Keen Observation. Motivation. Discernible Activity.

Once a person figures out how something might happen they then might guess what that happening might lead to.

And what would happen. And what that would lead to. And happen. And lead to. And happen.

You get the picture.

Yer prediction problems all originate from:

  • how far off the guess is
  • how good you are at measuring
  • how well your mistakes or wins fit together. (poorly fit together futures collapse, as we know… 😉 )
  • how often you practice what you preach
  • Et cetera

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