Yo Broadcast

Urine trouble mister fox.

You do this only if you dox.

You’re not giving any fucks.

And its big time in the big house.

Take it, take a bigass dose.

Plunge, you sinner.

No beginner.

Has a right to.

What you do.

It’s a sad day

In every way.

Take a shark dank

Anda pounda dank.

Sit away some

As you come undone

Take a big drag

Off your fag

Did the ground shake?

Did your house take

A tumble, a rumble?

Who’s at the front door?

Buddy could go for

A splitski.

To be free.

Like a moment.

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  1. Shit’s so real I can taste it.
    Barry Williams recently posted..Yo Broadcast

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