You IS Who You IS Where You IS. Isn’t You?

Disgusted BabySatisfaction is optional, happiness is not.

Happiness is the fuel that powers survival while satisfaction is the throttle which determines how much happiness we have to apply in life.

Here’s an example of average unrecognized happiness:

  1. Dude hallucinates he’s unhappy because he considers himself to be a big, fat, pock-marked, ugly face lonely bastard.
  2. Dude gets kidnapped, smacked around and ram jammed into a hell-hole while his family scrambles to find loot for his ransom.
  3. While tied up, exhausted, dirty and hurting, Dude contemplates how absurdly happy his life was before this shite storm hit.

He certainly didn’t consider himself happy but he now understands that he shore the hail was. Pity, such a friggin pity, Dude reminisces.

And most of our own negative thoughts are just like Dude’s – free thinking barking up the wrong thought tree.

Government Images Must Be Smile Neutral (WTF?!)

Lots of folks get this satisfaction / happiness quotient confuzzled and its easy to see why when we look at how many people are visibly upset with their situation.

Unfortunately, situations are what they are and getting angry about them usually doesn’t improve anything.

It’s this inability to accept circumstances as they are that creates so much unnecessary unhappiness in humanity because when people understand that most things don’t change that much or that fast and yet change is something they’re seeking, folks are gonna be disappointed to say the least if they leave things as they are.

Only when a person begins to tolerate then mitigate almost any situation can they begin to real eyes the happiness that emits from simply possessing a human spirit. Why, this positive soul attraction is so great that many people consider enhancing their satisfaction by controlling two or more human spirits but thankfully, things don’t work that way.

Once we understand that happiness is the color (black & white are the base) of life and satisfaction is the varnish or polish – then we can really put a shine on reality!

Of course, once we’re satisfied shite starts all over again.

And as we know, it never stops.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Shits strange, pal.



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4 Responses to “You IS Who You IS Where You IS. Isn’t You?”

  1. Today I can be ashamed and happy at the same time.

    Not happy about being ashamed but happy I CAN be.

  2. Shame is worse than any fucking prison.

    Shit works. On everybody who can feel.

  3. Give people time to think and shit will hit them.

    It always does. Life eventually comes to meet us.

  4. But the prison thing, no.

    Three hundred year experiment that didn’t work.

    We need wild areas for these kids to play because we ain’t gonna stop them.

    Someplace like Japan. The new Australia.

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