Zero Regretsville If Only You Get It

“If only.”

Those were the words of wisdom my father passed on to me from his deathbed.

Wha…? I remember thinking.

Dad just gazed blankly from his hospital type living bunk into the nothing-to-see-here, you-better-be-sixty-plus-and-no-working-on-cars trailer park.

If only…

At first I was pissed that he passed so little on to me but still, I told everyone in our family what Dad said.

If only…

They all said huh? too but after a couple of years it dawned on me that those words really meant something.

If only…

They were a warning.

If only…

Don’t follow my footsteps, follow your path and follow it to the end.

If only I could would have, I bet he might have added.

There, fixed it for you Dad.

If only.


Stereophonics – C’est La Vie


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