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My Father Doesn’t Need A Gravestone Because I Hear Him Clearing My Throat

And I hear my mother when I cough. Still analyzing posterial ancestral noises. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Act Like Nothing’s Happening And It Will

Most folks know that time marches on. Today is not the same day as yesterday and as anyone can see by their calender all opportunities for things to turn out completely different today than yesterday when we went to the same spot, via the same route, with the same people remain at fitty-one percent with […]

I Will Use This Elevated View To Lift You Up

Many folks know all about down. Hail, dey feel good now only because they felt lower earlier. Wheech, in its own way, ain’t bad. Is it father? Thank you, friend. Barry out.    

I See Sharpes

Most folks make the best of it. Course, this don’t mean agreeing with every one else or even buying into what they are ultimately trying to say. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Give That Bastard A View No Longer Applies

Many folks have had enough. They’re not tired of sugary coffee, they’re exhausted of reasons why anyone should carry on like now. Thank you, friend. Barry out. No, I have NOT been peeking in my neighbors windows. Why? Did big tits say I did? These dudes will vouch for me…

Don’t Tell Me Noise Don’t Mean Some’n

Many folks can hide their heads in the sand. Others can’t. Why are we in the sandbox? Thank you, friend. Barry out. See? Someone’s in the trunk.

Don’t Get To The Point So Quickly That It’s Dulled

Most folks know about beating around the bush. They can feel its presence in less than ten words and even that number is altered by how hungry one’s followers are. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I cee a tunnel.  

I’ve Got Dis Keed, An Old Man And A Few Punks Working Wit Me

Most folks could use a bit of help. That’s precisely why parties are made of more than one person cause someone got to cut the cheese while other people say what cutting the cheese means. It means some ‘in. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Don’t try this alone.

We Can Eat Whenever You Want: Now Or Never…

Most folks appreciate choices. Not too many though because it slows down decision making and lunchtime is 45 minutes. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

With Enough Practice We Become Our Instrument

Many folks have experienced enrapture. The revelation might have arisen from watching the expression of a dog as it dragged it’s tapewormed arse across the ground or the performance of a musical instrument player who is so in tune with the symphonic moment that they meld with the composition which now exists not just through […]

You Will Be Hard Pressed To Imagine What Other People Fail To Envision

Most folks assume that everyone else is anticipating. The problem arises when we attempt to discover what they were foreseeing by initiating queries like ” WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINK ING?!” or “HELLO? IS ANYONE USING THIS FUCKING NOGGIN?!” (while lightly rapping on their skull with a knuckle that would change the entire mood […]

Cancer Buys A Lot ‘O Stuff, Pays A Lot ‘O Wages And Earns Plenty ‘O Steady Profit

Most folks know someone who has perished from carcinoma. This big bad wolf requires a pile of flesh to survive which means that one in three of us will be at its beck ‘n call whenever the supply of sacrificial lambs runs low. If this nefarious threat were a national enemy we would enrich spies […]

Up Shit Creek With A Nearly Useless Paddle

Many folks know that overcoming yucky is a difficult challenge. They understand that foul must be addressed on account of it being a big part of life and even a larger portion of death. Course, revolting can be put off and avoided on a day-to-day basis but don’t think for one minute that its going […]

I Am Not A Grumpy Old Fucker 30 Day Experiment

For ten daze now I’ve been down in the dumpster. There was the odd day I felt myself almost pulling out of the depressive cycle but then at 7 o’clock I’d realize I was waay too low and would definitely be hitting the tarmac so I bailed .8 seconds before impact. As a result the […]

People Are Being Paid To Read Shite I Write For Free

Most folks know when they’re being treated unfairly. Their seldom seen boss is paid a gazillion dollars when they’re two month’s plus behind in their employee review which means they just missed their stock option which means no new apartment and they’re a loser, just lak what’s her names mom said they were. Thank you, […]

Only Breathe A Certain Amount In Anticipation Of Being Smothered

Many folks have been taught to save. As long as a person decides to be worth less over time this plan has merit but if everyone does the same it ain’t gonna work. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Get out and put your hands up.

To What Shall We Adjust?

Many folks know who they are. There’s no need for a tonement because these people know there’s only one runway they can land and take off from and that’s their own. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

What IS Fairly Scary Is How Little People Say

Many folks assume people must be thinking something. Surely, they hear stuff and see these black squiggly things and ideas explode in their brain and when enough of these explosions occur shite begins to add up and enough adding up makes a noise or activity. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Oscillation Man Is Real

Most folks acknowledge that moods swing. One day everything is sunny and the next its gawd help anyone with shite in the vacuum’s path cause it now has chew marks on it and just go right fucking ahead and brang that shite up! Thank you, friend. Barry out. I’ll be in that roll of carpet […]

Mobster Gaming Is Not Allowed But Government Approved Gambling Is Ah-ite

Most folks understand they must earn their income. They don’t bet their home on a hand of cards or a roll of the die and they certainly won’t invest their life savings into slot machines in the faint hope that the gods of gambling are shining brightly on them this day. No, your top gamblers […]

Will You Pledge Allegiance To The Farce?

Many folks realize that our “leaders” are chosen for us. They are groomed from an early stage and rammed kicking and screaming through a system so chalk full of sparkles and vociferous notions that its difficult to fully comprehend what is really going on because every maneuver is so choreographed to appear chaotic & open […]

Modern Pictures Are Worth One Word Only: Unbelievable.

Many folks have been held in contempt due to photographic evidence. Waay back then the proof was in the pudding and the vast majority of picture puddings were whipped up by Fotomats and nerds who hung out in dark rooms mixing mysterious chemicals while bathed in red light. The few people who did manage to […]

There Absolutely Is No War On Drugs

Most folks know that pills, plants and powders don’t fight. When left to their own devices even the most mind altering substances known to man are inert. They just sit there and are. Sure, drugs can be talked to and with but like the cruelest of pets, they will not talk back even when one […]

And Every Thing Fixed Screws Something Else Up

Most folks are unaware of constraint theory. What this concept illuminates is the old adage that nothing stays fixed forever. In fact, changing anything usually means there is going to be a log jam just downstream from where we blew up that beaver dam and its going to throw such a wrench into our strategy […]

Does A Kagillion Years Ahead Equal Approximately One Second Late?

Most folks are a certain age. Course, by this I mean they think having the sun hit them so many time means something. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Jeepers, this guy doesn’t care very much, obviously.  

Remorse Is A Hefty Load That Wisdom Adds Weight To Then Helps Carry

Most folks have said and done things they wish they hadn’t. For some it’s the creeping confusion generated by reflecting upon how rudely they spoke to someone they supposedly care plenty about while for others its those tenacious, ignorant memories refusing to stay forgotten from a time where acting like a perfect ass was normal […]

Ignorance Is Waay Easier

Most folks think they know how to ponder. Unfortunately, true contemplation takes focus and energy which also happen to be two things many people have exhausted. Thank you, friend. Barry out. I know you guys are in there…

Why This Hullabaloo About Altered States?

Many folks have experienced ecstasy. This frame of reference is far from normal and yet it is the very fact that this emotion occurs so rarely that it is sought. I bet if ecstasy became the norm we’d search for and find whatever is beyond it. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Me Threatens Myself

Many folks know their worst enemy. It ain’t fear and its not the family gambling habit, its the least bit of doubt that anyone harbors holing the fuel tank on this one person jet. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Please prey with me.  

How To Speak Redacted

Most folks know censorship exits. Unfortunately, they have no idea to what extent because nobody is saying fuck all. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Eess an art we can teech you, mon compadre, don’t worry. Where deed you say you was from?