Before Air Bags and Crush Zones Impaired Driving Was No Big Deal

Stabbing folks is bad.

Carrying a knife is not.

Let’s think about driving under the influence the same way.

We’re creating more victims than we save, by a long shot.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

10 Responses to “Before Air Bags and Crush Zones Impaired Driving Was No Big Deal”

  1. Driving Under The Influence:

    Influence of:

    God Complex
    Conference Call
    Flashing, Beeping & Changing Numbers
    School Zones
    Something Smoked
    No Green Lights
    Idiot Behind Me
    Almost Out Of Fuel

    And a million other impairments, most of which are difficult to measure.

  2. How many people every day drive impaired?
    What percentage of them get into accidents?
    Is impaired driving normal?

  3. Are we singling out some impaired drivers when other types are causing most of the problems?

    Gill netting?

  4. Is impaired driving so normal that evidence of it exists across our society from politicians to paupers?

  5. Maybe even Royalty have driven under the influence! You just never know.

  6. “We’ve got better things to do than chase drunk drivers!”

    That’s what an RCMP officer told my mother one day over the phone. She was ratting dad out for impaired driving in the hope that if she got him caught up in the system, things would change in our lives.

    But back then the cops had more important things to do and we were all thankful for that.

    Okay, mom wasn’t.

  7. Mothers Against Something.

    Mothers should be OR something.

  8. FOR

  9. Thanks for the blog post, thanks.

  10. Why?

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