Being Kicked Out Of Bible Study Ain’t As Bad As YOU THINK

big bible with people standing beside

“Heya, how’re doing t’day, Barry?” the young minister earnestly inquired.

“Fine Pastor, fine. How you doing?” I replied, beckoning him into our humble apartment.

“Good, really, really good,” God conveyed through the youthful dude, his eyes now locked onto mine with a direct-fulness normally reserved for discussing recently departed

or soon to be departing family members or perhaps even breaking the

disturbing news that the nice looking pastor is sleeping with your

wife. But no, Kid Church wasn’t here to spill those brands of

beans. He had traversed the quiet streets of Penticton, BC

on this peaceful Saturday afternoon to encourage me

to consider starting my own bible study at home

and not to worry that he wouldn’t attend – this was

the whole point – dude wanted to initiate and attend this

private regular bible study not because I asked disruptive questions

in normal bible study class but because some less sophisticated folks are

easily confused and too many deep questions like the ones I raise causes doubt

and this is something not helpful to our bible study goal so lets just hold a special

session for you right here at your home. Okay…?

Barry, you’ll see, this is the right way.

Dude was right, it was and is.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out

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  1. Ain’t a thing in the universe more powerful than doubt.

    THAT, I am convinced of!

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