Bite First Or Be Prepared To Get Bitten A Hellova Lot


The little Mozies want you.

In fact, they want you bad.

Well, what they really want is your essence, see?

And they know it’s in the Big Bag Dad.


Now, the Mozies they don’t want all your wet.

Just a wee wee bit at a time.

You’ve only five liters of good-good goodness.

Lose five and you ain’t fine.


With five gone it’s your time. You know?

That’s why one wee drop at a time.


Lick lick. Sip sip. A little drip is all.

A sweet little kiss through your hide.

One kiss, one drop is all they want from you.

C’mon dude you got five! Mmm.

Sippity sip sip. Sippity sip sip.

Those Mozies sure do love you!

They love you and your bone marrow too.

Bone Marrow. Bone Marrow. Bone Marrow!

Mmm, mmm, mmm! 

You and your bodacious bone mar-row…


There’s more coming from where that goodness came from.

More coming! More coming! More coming!

And whatever it takes to build strong bones.

We’ll do, we’ll do, we’ll do!

But we don’t work for the Mozies! No!

We don’t work for blood!


No, we wouldn’t work for the Mozies. No!

No we don’t! We don’t! We don’t!

We just want to build strong bones is all.

If that works for the Mozies – too bad.

We say. If it works for the Mozies, too bad. So sad. 

Cause we don’t bloody work for the Mozies.


The Mozies they work with us…

Ats what they said.

The Mozies they work’n on us!



Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

As above, so be low.


Muse – Uprising


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