Demented Friend

I know the fellow who casually writes

Claims this blog is his.

I know he sleeps

And I know where

He sleeps

I know where it is.

Not here

But oh, so close!

I know where it is!

Being nowhere.

Not a place.

No time, degrees.


What of degrees?

No Captain this!

No Doctor that!

Shine the light where they be at!

There be nothing!

Nothing but hear at zooming…

6 Responses to “Demented Friend”

  1. Sheeit brothas an sistahs. We are all children of god less you kill people out duh seestem. Kay?

  2. Now you not a chile, if you get mah drifff

  3. You goan adult judgement now bitch

  4. Hope you like accounting

  5. Numbers up sir!

  6. Hey buddy c’mon… wake up!

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