Hate Is Good If Properly Directed

natives against tea graphic
Their job: raise the price of hot beverages

Everybody should despise something.


Because resentment engages intellectual equipment required to weigh the abundance of pros and cons life inevitably presents us.

And we both know there are more cons than pros so meditating on the badness quotient of stuff is definitely an asset.

A quick gander at human history will reveal that there is nothing new about mass engagement of malevolence or its vengeful cousin abhorrence.

For as long as wool has been pulled over eyes, military, political, and religious masters have reaped huge benefit from demonizing their enemies and then stepping back to allow the natural human tendency of derision to develop momentum.

Powerful Like Picking Your Nose

I am unaware of any law against organizing the contents of your snout while enjoying a quiet lunch with friends and yet few people do it. Why?

Could it be that invisible social conventions exist which most folks follow unquestioningly?

Cultures the world over reflect this same arrangement by adhering to unwritten rules about civilized thinking and activity. And as anyone who studies human nature will attest, these underlying sentiments about what is acceptable and what is not can deal with some pretty dramatic issues.

For example:

  • Not Good – Louisiana Voodoo tradition advises bad luck for the rest of the week if a young woman visits Monday morning. I smell big trouble all over this, too.
  • Good – Standing in line behind another not really gambler for your seven weekly lottery tickets.
  • Not Good – Hello-o?! Its spring and you are wearing winter colors!
  • Good – Eating fat food fast but not getting fat because you buy the right clothes, equipment and memberships.

Leaders, Start Your Disparagement

People flock to movies when their implications are relevant, heroes evident and life lessons apparent. To instill similar desire in our crews we must provide the impetus to develop their world view and it turns out to be much easier than most people conceive.

Can you visualize these concepts inviting willing participation of your charges?

  • Hate Hypocrisy – get folks talking about honesty and respect through e zines, newsletters and replicated action.
  • Hate Waste – methods to improve people and processes always exist. Make waste your main enemy through inventing Rat 9000 email addresses to advise of squandering solutions, provide waste reducing incentives and long term recognition for participants.
  • Hate Equality – treat people like the amazingly unique masterpieces they are. Invent relevant personal titles and do everything possible to allow individuality to shine through.
  • Hate Discounting – human effort, talent and companionship is worth more than most folks realize. Encourage employees to increase the value of their effort through free training, open regard for input and corporate cultural support.

Employ Your Emotions Wisely

cauliflower hater graphic
No More Scary Vegetables!

Contempt is a natural state for humans and one begging for empathetic, intelligent management. Employing the hate idling quietly in each person is a simple matter of directing natural tendencies toward positive ends.

Please be aware that the longer you take to implement this concept of aversion, the more you will hate yourself.

We sure wouldn’t want that now, would we.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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