Here Are My ezinearticle Stats – How Do They Look To You?

screenshot of barry williams ezinearticle read counts july 2010
Can You Tell A Child Is Writing My Articles?

I have been submitting articles to ezinearticles for over four months now and I am proud to say that they have only refused two stories out of thirty six I subjected to their approval.

Not bad for living in a country where democracy and free speech rule! (one was refused for the constant use of the proper adjective arsehole and the other because it applauds intelligent employment of hazing)

I would be interested to hear your suggestions for improvement. Especially if they mix well with beer.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. Please click on the image to be connected to a size you can read.

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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  1. 1
    Terry Conti

    Hi Barry, well done. How to improve articles? I would say keep writing and writing more. Do you use an article submitter program where you can submit articles to many other article sites at once and save time?

    Also are you linking your articles to your squeeze pages where you can get the name and email address of a prospect in exchange for free information and build you mailing list? Once they have this free information and don’t buy right away you can strategically sell to them again through emails. Terry Conti

  2. 2

    Thanks Terry,

    No, I haven’t linked the articles to squeeze pages. So far they link to this blog or my wife’s company – ducthide tough wearables.

    Thanks for stopping by Terry.


  3. 3
    John McNally

    Writing articles is my project for this year Barry, so you’re ahead of me here. I have been writing 250 word blog posts, with the idea of combining them up to make a 500 word article. Do you do it the other way around? You write the blog post with the intention of submitting it as an article?

    I think you may as well submit the articles to loads of sites, as Terri said, but only if it doesn’t cost you anything. Earn money first,then think about paying some out. 😉

    Keep writing these interesting posts Barry, I reckon you’re my favourite blogger.


  4. 4

    Thanks a lot buddy.

    Yes, I write a story and post it on my blog and to ezinearticles a short time later. Sometimes I do it the the other way around because ezine has higher editorial standards than Barry Williams so I produce the story there and copy it to my blog.

    I’ve thought about send my articles to other sites but haven’t gotten that far yet.

    As usual, I appreciate your comments and support John, thanks very much.


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