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graphic of lawyer talking to jury
Ladies and Gentlemen. He said he didn’t do it 50 times. That HAS to count for something…

Man oh man oh man alive.

Many times in my life I have said things I wish I hadn’t.

And not always about other people, some times it was about myself.

But haven’t we all? Who among us has not  spouted the stupidest notion at the worst possible time just as Mr. Awful Kinawful happens to be walking by?

I Wish it was That Simple

Don’t get me wrong, saying rude stuff is bad enough and while I’ve done my share of toe-jam snacking over the years, my concern is more about my written words that doggedly follow me all over world wide web and how they might get me into trouble. I can only be ever so grateful that my digitial camera is difficult enough to operate after two wines or I’d likely have a bunch of nasty photos to worry about, too.

So now is a good time to think about transparency in our lives because most of what we used to consider private is going to be wide open for any interested person to see. And perhaps its not that big of a deal anyway because most younger people – I’m talking 15 – 30 year olds here – have a completely different take on privacy anyway.

While these young folks might be wide open on one hand with photos and personal facts posted about themselves on a social networking site, they might also have eight different screen or user names to sign into various forums, chat rooms or membership sites. Maybe in the future neurosis will be one of those puzzling prehistoric diseases that came and went as everybody everywhere begins to recognize their unique personalities and starts to name them.

I said maybe…

Google Says fight Fire with Erif

(fire backwards)

According to one of the largest search engines in the world, many of us have gotten ourselves into deep do-do by tapping out un-niceties or too much info all over the internet and they say its going to take a bit of effort to clean the whole mess up. In fact, they say its unlikely we will be able to remove unwanted stuff about ourselves. Nope. We’re back to the good old days; we have to bury it!

Thankfully, some things never change.

graphic depicting scales of justice with many background colors
Fair = where are you + what time is it?

But anyway, Google has a simple plan that anyone with hands or friends with hands can follow. All we can do is enquire into the possibility of having the offending material removed by the originating website and if that doesn’t work, Google suggests we start posting non offensive material about ourselves  in order to cover any previous undesirable evidence. I like that. We live in a time where evidence can be manipulated over time so we can actually alter our own histories!

Wow! I wonder when O. J. Simpson found out about this…?

Confounders, Start Your Tapping

The internet is propaganda at its finest and its up to each of us to carve our own headstone.

And your best headstones are never finished.

I hope you’re working on yours.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. Take a look at this blog article from Google on how to manage any unwanted web material. There is a way…

Google Blog Article on Reputation Management

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