One Night At Barney’s Will Cure You Of Sleeping Around

Barney’s Motel advertisement in local air show guide 2003barneys motel air show booklet advertisement

My wife Kathy and I had a ton ‘o fun at Barney’s Motel.

Barney’s still exists (Feb 2012) and when we accepted

the job of putting the business back on its feet we

had no idea this flea bitten dive in Brandon

Manitoba would provide us with so many

terrific and terrible adventures! Over

a four year span (2001 – 2005) we

tried everything humanly possible

to make Barney’s Motel a success and

boy, did it work! Even though 50% burned down.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Story of how we employed practical humor with great success at Barney’s Motel and other places.

Recent photo (june 2011) of what was left of Barney’s Motel when we sold it in 2005. (the readerboard sign under the happy face says: Rooms So Clean Even Our Mothers Are Proud. People loved it!

Seth Godin was kind enough to include Barney’s Motel in his ebook 99 Cows – Cow #41

Some actual Help Wanted ads that really worked to attract excellent employees

Humor in business is so important that if Walmart can’t have it all they want none!

How easy is it to manufacture smiles? Pretty dang easy as this actual real time, real people, airport smile experiment proves.

3 Responses to “One Night At Barney’s Will Cure You Of Sleeping Around”

  1. This was an ad we placed in our local air show guide.

    We had several calls the day of the show from people who appreciated the humor and wanted to see if the phone number was real.

    As of Feb 22, 2012 that phone number still goes to Barney’s Motel. (even though its now owned by a big company)

  2. Sounds like you had a good time at Barneys Barry, despite all the problems. A smile goes a long way to solving things.

    Leamington Spa, England
    John McNally recently posted..What % is a Good Bounce Rate?

  3. Heeeyy! Good to see you, old chap!

    How are things hanging?

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