One Of Us

One of us loves the other one more.

They shut up in a fight.

One of us loves the other one for.

Their stay shut up delight.

One of us says hey lets go.

The other says no lets wait.

One of us lets pick up our pace.

The other says its our gait.

One of us says lets hurry up.

The other says what’s yer hurry?

One of us says that life’s too short.

The other says we got worries.

One of us says we better go.

We got to get up early and such.

The other says we’re flexible.

C’mon dude, worry much?

One of us ain’t the sticky kind.

Not the kind that stays and waits.

The other says you stay yer course.

Cause look pal, here’s the bait.

Oh well.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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