Plenty ‘O Empathy And Paranoia Live In The Same Damn Apartment Building

hatfield and mccoy feud plaque

Most folks can tell when they should be scatting.

They are also smart enough to know this “feeling” might

be attached to:

1. The time of the day

2. The time of month

3. Pace of work

4. Work load

5. Focus focus focus

3. Body odor

4. Somebody doesn’t like short people

5. What’s dude got against whitey?!

6. They know I’m too fat

7. Fucking Walmart suits!

8. Right back at cha.

9. You’re not so smart yourself!

10. Fuck it, I’m not going in. They’re probably busy anyway.


and after running the entire gambit in 4.8 seconds they look

their talking partner straight in the eye and say thanks

for your time, its been great to speak with you and I

look forward to next time. Good bye. Then they

do something extraordinary – they get on

with their lives! They don’t peat and

repeat and analyze every damn

thought that … Oh, is this

your place? Hey uh, …you’re uh, right beside me…

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

4 Responses to “Plenty ‘O Empathy And Paranoia Live In The Same Damn Apartment Building”

  1. Yeah, I was in sales for a while.

    Industrial chemicals. Who don’t want to talk about that?

  2. I was in the alcohol treatment center with a guy who was schizophrenic and after a while I could hear his voices, too.

    Course, I never told him that.

  3. what would he call himself?

  4. Hi, I’m such in such and I’m a transmitter.

    Oh, right over there. In quarantine.

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