Run Time, Run Time, Run Time. Gimme Some O Dat Bad ‘Ol Run Time.


These people should be scared.

They know not what to do.

Cause they are unprepared.

They’re stickin’ like flour glue.


We’ll point ’em rightly shortly.

After sortin’ out the chaff.

And the hard to bend beggars.

We’ll bend a bit out back.


There’s no need 4 U to fear us.

We’re all here just for you.

And if you hear us, hear us.

Nobody need to be clueless.


See that’s what we’re all about is saving.

Ats what saving is all  about.

You do a little saving,

You got U all yer clout.


Don’t say U don’t know about saving.

That’s what everybody talk about.

They do. They all talkin’ bout it.


And they am talk about you.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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