Shit Tests Cannot Be Faked By The Shit

two dophins swimming

Most folks understand the “if it can’t bend it breaks” thing.

They know everyone has to give a little to get a little

and that nothing – NOTHING – works without

gaskets but when fundamental truths are

ignored, this shite only leads to bad. I

can see you there, struggling on the

surface of this cold, beautifully clear water. Wanna do this or not?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

9 Responses to “Shit Tests Cannot Be Faked By The Shit”

  1. That’s the sad part sir. I want them to touch my teats.

  2. Whoa.

  3. Even as I read this I can tell you sir. This is NOT ME!

  4. the fish will wipe themselves out to eliminate us if they have to.

    A few by agreement will live but the rest will climb into cans if they have to because the dust they make will be better than ours.

  5. That’s uh, just fish think, mind you.

    No other grain beside alivekind has spoken to me.

  6. Hope ahm not meexeen up yer hearing, pal.

  7. check




  8. All decisions from here on in must involve the animals because they’re tired of being treated like niggers.

  9. Jis so appens eye speek animule.

    not intimulley.

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