Sure The Boy Had Talent But How To Rid Him Of It?

He could do things with his mouth.

Oh, the sounds that would come out!

His tongue moved them all about

They protested but came out.

Those sounds would hold tight hands

They would bend to his demands

Acted just like they had plans

Roving about in bands.

Stirring up many various clans.

Then they’d stop.

They’d stop and in that moment

Moved the past come barrelin’ through

And quick on yer feet or slow to get up,

The sound would travel like current through you.

It was an echo rebounding that would

Do folks in.

Its ringing would fill their ears.

But those bells had a beat that

Could beat you up or down.

Depending on who you were.

And it don’t stop.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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