The Arrogant Bastard Bernie Bendig Taught Some Good Long Lessons

canwood hotel canwood saskatchewan

Many folks have learned the importance of stuff after the fact.

They either didn’t have the time or the inclination to invest

a wee bit ‘o thought into what was actually transpiring

in their lives and as a result some excellent teachers

slipped through their fingers but fortunately not rat through their mind.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Ahm still learning from you, you wise, ignorant, dead (to this dimension) prick. (Bernie owned the Canwood Hotel in Canwood, Saskatchewan when my wife Kathy and I managed if for him in the mid 1980’s)


5 Responses to “The Arrogant Bastard Bernie Bendig Taught Some Good Long Lessons”

  1. Thank fuck I’m finally waking up. How was I to know that I was sleepwalking?

  2. Bernie continuously hit on my wife, accused me of theft and fought me so vigorously one day in a ditch when him, myself and Frank from Debden were on a booze cruise, that i lost the watch he just gave me. What a great fucking guy he was!

  3. Hilarious, hahaha, tell me more stories. It’s always the arrogant rotten pricks that teach the best lessons.

  4. I wrote this story before I knew about fuckwadery and loosh.
    I suffered from a wee touch of fuckwadery and the very magnetism that attracted me to Bernie was my demise. Too close to the light that illuminated my path to success and too heavy a pack of I Can Doitness.
    I bounced off Bernie like a stale bagel and that decoupling sent me into realms unimagined by me.
    Bernie is my saviour whom I shall never regret. Son of a bitch had a part in making me who I am today…

    And for that…I forgive him.

    It was me.

  5. Jesus, I learned alot from Bernie. Humility, planning, increase, brashness in marketing, stop being a pussy, forgiveness has limits, shit doesn’t stop because you do, I appreciate you even though you fucked up and, I should pay more attention to my wife.

    Bernie, I’m coming for you bro! (knew you’d like that…;-))

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