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Business Books Are BullShit

Operating a business while watching the books is like driving a car by looking in the rear view mirror. Accounting DOES NOT add value to business and accountants are an expense which any one of them worth their salt should suggest be reduced to zero asap. Forget doing real books – they’re crap and 99.99% […]

Lester Ryan To The Rescue

Yes, a riot is needed to change things. But not the rock throwing or sign carrying or window breaking kind of riot. I wonder what would happen if more people FIRED THEMSELVES UP instead of GETTING FIRED or SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE? It will take a riot for us to get back to shore but […]

Muslims = Not Just Bad For The Christmas Tree Business

Muslims don’t believe in usury, either. No wonder they are so easily considered lunatic over here. Yet, I agree with the followers of Islam. Usury is definitely one of THE main problems facing our global society. I bet there’s other stuff we see eye to eye on, too. No matter what cultural differences or horrific […]

Time Sick

Whenever I am forced to interact with THE BIG CLOCK my tummy starts a flip floppin. Kinda gets me to wondering if cancer and such ain’t also some sort of reaction to time passing too quickly. You know, sort of like the difference between having a hot shower or getting damped down by a fire […]

I Will NOT Forgive Myself

No forgiveness, no denigration, no condemnation. I am a product of many generations, cultures and belief systems, all of which I was an unwitting participant. Therefore, I plead unforgivable ignorance. You should, too. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Got a couple of hours to forever change your life? See this: My favorite alive philosopher is […]

Why Do I Write When Stuff Like This Exists?

Thankyou, friend. Barry out.

In Defense of My Weaknesses

Someone must represent me to the world. Whomever I choose to carry out this important task should be free of emotional challenges and appear confident and wise beyond reproach. Obviously, it ain’t gonna be me… I Pick Theordor Suess Geisel and Papa Roach I would love to say something really, really intelligent about the subject […]