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Comfy Positions Available For Everyone At The Edge Of The Cosmic Mind

Many folks have looked out the window of an aircraft in flight. They are excited the first and second time but soon tire of the same above the clouds view and before long realize that riding the isle seat means they can head to the head and exit the plane ahead of those poor beggars […]

Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug To Lower Booze Consumption

Most folks understand very little about Cannabis Wonderfulis. They know that their friend’s neighbor tokes regular and he and his wife don’t seem like such bad people even though whats her name said that years ago dude had a major drinking problem and damn near pissed away everything he & his wife had. Thank you, […]

Humans Demand Altered States No Matter What The Cost

Most folks abhor boredom. They need fluctuation in consciousness to the point where they will lose consciousness to gain it. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Religion, sports, spirits and speed, weed and greed all fill our need.  

To Make The World A Better Place Where Does A Person Start?

Many folks imagine they are leaving a legacy. They want to add their pull to the wheel of life and understand that the best grip they can get on that slippery disc of destiny is the same spot where they’re making a stand. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Investors Win Big Someone Else Ain’t So Lucky

Most folks are aware that value must be cultivated. They realize that fortune is normally financed by the less fortunate and that increase does not occur simply because hordes have been tricked into exchanging loot for this thing whose merit is doubtful at best and likely deceptive if the truth be known. Thank you, friend. […]

The Purpose Of Life Is To Find A Purpose For Life

Many folks think deeply about their existence. They wonder why they are alive and what being alive means not only for them selves but for the people that surely they will influence if they can just figure out why and how to do so. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Yeah, Your Shit Was Different All Rat

Many folks know what its like to endure purposeful physical pain. They also understand that these daze nearly all physical correction is considered bad taste and yet this very thinking erupted from a time where spoiled rods were those not employed in the tormenting of the young in order to ensure that the freshest flesh […]

The Law Is Sterile, Stupid And Stubborn And It Exposes The Ass In All Of Us

Many folks believe they can tell wrong from right. They imagine that their thinking evolves ahead of wrongs righted by humans slowly coming to their senses and that their mind is wide open when it comes to how the world feels about the war on witches, the war on negroes, the war on jews, the […]

When Everything Changes But Nothing Is Really Different

Many folks know that financial values are wonky these daze. They understand this on account of the house they paid $18,000 for in 1964 is being sold for $349 k In 2012 and the ten loaves of bread for a dollar thing being history decades ago. They realize their world is screaming headlong into a […]

Every Starty Needs A Parter

Most folks know that nothing happens until someone makes it happen. They understand fully that if an event is occurring it required a pile more than just doing, it needed intelligence, planning, funding and people to carry out the million and one details that even the smallest of gatherings require in order to fall into […]

Mister Neutral Man. Will You Neutralize As Much As You Neutrifiably Can?

Most folks have a cause. They might support the Legion or Walmart but by Jesus, they’re doing some gawd damn thing. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Fake left.

If You Doan Dam Your Service Who Will?

Many folks know when to say no. They are different from the rest of us in that when they’re done they’re done and rat there all coaching comes to an end. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Hank won verse one.

We Cannot Be Certain Of The Day We Die But Today Compadre, WE LEEVE!

Most folks understand tomorrow. They know that something is planned and unless the earth gets hit with an asteroid or if  lawdy forbid their credit card doan work, shit’s ON motherfucker, shit’s OH Fucking EN! Thank you, friend. Barry out Ah,

In The Land Of The Vast Majority Complaining Is The Language Of Choice

Most people know what they’re up against. They see it but many don’t acknowledge the futility of giving in to it on account of recognizing somewhere deep down that if nada can be done to improve the human condition then people need to bleed out bad. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yer pressure cain’t keep […]

Dude’s Short Grass Is More Important Than Any Life Pollution You Notice

Most folks are acquainted with yard maintenance. They are easily guilted and peer pressured into keeping their lawns a certain height while smartly shaping trees and shrubbery into hard to maintain unnatural forms and then watering the crap out of everything so they can do the same gawddamn thing forever on Wednesdays and Sundays. Thank […]

Ignoring My Query The Professor Proposed “This Must Be Your Very First Lecture”

Many folks have attended college or university. They went there in the belief that they’d rub shoulders and swap smart concepts with people more engaged and intelligent than themselves and in no time flat their original illusion of hired leaning succumbed to a new awareness. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Thank fuck Herr Dude was […]

When Too Much Is Said About Nothing At All Something Big Is Being Ignored

Many folks recognize propaganda when they see it. They sense that much ado is being made about moot points and immediately they suspect that some more critical topic is being buried by what appears to be a large mound of bovine scat. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Yeah right. Mark Carney apologizes over $100 bill […]

If The RCMP Was A Regular Family Their House Would Be Surrounded By SWAT

Most folks recognize a cry for help. They understand that a plea for assistance may not actually mention assistance right off the hop, sometimes it might just be in the form of drawing attention. Thank you, friend. Barry out. When forces become farceful look the fuck out. Ontario judge rebukes top Mountie in leaked letter […]

Look Out Yer Window To See Some Stuff That Can’t Be Seen Except From That View

Most folks know about spaceship earth. They ride it back and forth from work and even access it on the weekends when the keedz are in town but jis to get something good to do and now is likely not your best time to talk about it on account of we uh, we have a […]

Grandma Repeats Herself Because Life, She Runs In Circles.

Most folks know that universes gotta spin to ’em. They also see tornadoes twisting things up into the sky and whirlpools sucking stuff down to lawdy knows where and the kitchen, bath tub, and terlot twirling water and all its contents into the abyss and it is this same phenomenon which explains why so many […]

We’d Say “Hey Look Over There!” And The Burning Sticks Would Point That Way

Most folks would be suspect of modern families illuminating their life with flame. They might wonder if these hillbillies are some religious sect who also limit themselves to the speed of horse but without fail there’d be questions as to how a person could actually see in a world lit by fire and any sane […]

Yes Reality Is Manufactured For Us But By Whom And Where R D Edges?

Most folks are surrounded by the intent and designs of strangers. They don’t realize the impact of every sign, shape, smell and sound and how each of these surrounders is clanging a bloody bell in order to cohere with today’s version of four dimensional existence because the din created by all dem bangers on creates […]

Oh, And By The Way… You Are About To Torture An Innocent Person.

Most folks blame someone they should not. They forget that the person whom is themself at three AM or tired as shit or cranky on account of just being kicked for no good reason is not the same person who is recalling this. Thank you, friend. Barry out. Shh. O’er dere…

No One Cares That You Have A Problem And Some People Hope You Do

Many folks get that suffering is universal. They still attempt to shoo it away by being seen in a well dressed style in grand pillared buildings with grand adornments to watch robed men swing smoky balls while wearing tall, shiny hats and chanting something only a few parishioners will interpret. Thank you, friend. Barry out. […]

I Know That You’re Trying To Control My Mind But Remember, I’m Still Here Too

Most folks wonder if their choices are correct. They reflect on their decisions in a semi- unfair way on account of as soon as someone makes a choice it starts to reveal whether it was a good one or not and armed with this previously unknown information now we look back and judge ourselves? Thank […]

Hey Meester Or Seester Want Yer Paradigm Sheefted?

Many folks would like to know themselves better. They peer hard into their mirror’s reflection and finding nothing or waay too much wrong they too soon terminate a critical inquest into the person peering back because who they mostly are is revealed not by their appearance but by all the stuff and people surrounding them. […]

Even As I Come Down This Will Still Be A Good Idea

Most folks have slipped in a mind bending juice. They felt a looseness they’ve never felt before and that lubrication enhanced width and breath of a reality that up to now was static and now that we’re all comfy getting a tad less static, isn’t anyone recording dis shite?! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Insurance For Sure Is The Cat’s Meow. Now We No Longer Need Neighbors!

Many folks realize that a divided society is an easier conquest. They understand perfectly that if few people know and trust each other they are unlikely to voluntarily pitch in to join Joe’s barn rebuilding bee next Saturday out on government road. You’re gonna want to take the next right after you go by … […]

The Entire World Is Definitely Doomed But Each Person Must Wait Their Turn

Many folks are seriously wrapped up in the end times. They are the most committed of clock watchers whom not only are focused on going home but are preparing for it long before the expiration of their shift and them quitting ahead of quitting time makes everyone else wish they would leave sooner. Thank you, […]

When Oh When Will The Bounty Be Set On Flompy Old Pensioner’s Ears?

Many folks remember when gopher’s tails were worth a pile ‘o loot. They could be exchanged for ten cents or a nickle by thousands of eager young people who thought it a novel way to earn a few dollars just for having a bit of fun shooting and / or bashing as many of the […]