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Pain In The Beginning. In The End – No Pain.

Pull that muscle. Stub that toe. When you strive these things that go. They holler to you, pally, SLOW! But forward is your way, now. Barry

Choose Your Family

Room you came in is not yours. That room have so many doors. Who come in there, who come out. Comin’ out know not about Chancellor in there and they shout. Fire started, can’t put out. Now you done it. You big lout. Barry  

You Got Your Two Sides

The crows, they scream. They don’t scream like I want ice-cream, It’s an all out, over-head scream. Motherfuckers scream. Night and day. Ain’t no need for you to say Don’t scream motherfuckers. Don’t. Say. You happen to speak Crow? Barry