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Look Behind. See Forward.

You have crossed The Rubicon. You have gone beyond sing song. You are now in don’t stay long. Lost now found. Nearly drowned. You went down But came up. Now you see What’s beneath What made this tick You got through it And now you whisper Holy!

As Soon As You Cross The Rubicon, Things Don’t Look The Same.

Where you’re going Ain’t where you bin. You was out. Now you in. Trouble, my friend. You found lots! Now it gots Your short hairs. All behind. You will find There’s no need To plant that seed. It’s already sprouted Inside you.

You Po-Po

Rule breaker, risk taker. You mader cry. Why? Why? Why…? You bad guy. Gonna you fry. One big lie. And you know it!


There were no U-turns. No one eighties. You hafta go straight Or to Haid dees. Off your knees. No more please. Killin with ease. Just like dees, You go now.

When You’re Wrong And You’re Really Wrong

Dimwit, you lit A fuse that Won’t be unlit. You ain’t fit. See to it You dipshit Your head comes right out of your arse.

Culture As Epigenetics

This woman had ideas. But her thoughts weren’t as free as They ought to be. She could see Tomorrow. The sorrow… The window… the candle, That she lit. Shone brightly and nightly Drew to it. T’was their ship… The candle, it beckoned. She reckoned. It was them…

Fat, Free, Fatuous Me.

Once upon a time, he cared. A little time ago, he dared. But that was gone For he was fond Of sports and gambling. Beers and rambling Stats and tats and Zerohedge. Don’t you dredge That shit up! You fuck… Off!

When Other People Lose Your Mind

He lost his mind All over the place and he Lost it at a quickening pace And he lost it same as he lost face Couldn’t replace That disgrace So in it’s place Assigned blame.

You Could Have Said “I Love You”, But You Didn’t.

Noise was what they made And he made none. Some of them had no clue And he was one. Just make a little noise See how noise can enhance joys Then be one of the boys Who loves someone.

You Can Change Your Pants But That’s It

A better way is what you know. You can go down any hole. You say stop and you say go. You hold up when you hear Whoa! Stop the show uh… You feel low uh… No one listens, they just go uh… In the road bitch make believe.

Down Is Okay If You’re Headed Up

You shat your pants or Somebody did and No one’s laughing To hide that fib Just report it in the morning. Breakfast time. Don’t fuss about it and Sure don’t whine. It’s a bitta spilled milk. Spoona turpentine. Take a sip here shortly, Sippin’ time.

Bating Satan

You got a rope around your neck. Around your neck. Around your neck. You don’t even give a heck. Not one speck. What the feck. Unborn daughter calls to you. You pull through. Like she do. You now wonder if it’s true. We can do. But not do.

The Dirty Line

Rise through the ranks or Blood your way up. You’re heading to a place where Enough is not enough. It’s gonna get rough. You better get tough. Shit from above. Shitters all below. They won’t let you go. If they ever know. Where you’ve been although They must go there, too. If they want to […]

A Loser’s Job

They could not find it. It wouldn’t be found. Searched everywhere but It was gone. Touched his hands. Set somewhere. Looked that place. Was not there. Disappeared. Clearly vanished. Likely banished. To a place far away from here. Loser…

Start With No Thing And Add Some Thing

You can lift one thousand pounds. One thousand pounds. One thousand pounds. You can lift one thousand pounds. One pound at a time.

Life: Go Slow. There Are Curves Ahead

Shit happens all the time. That’s the job of shit. You get a little out of line Life will see to it That your comeuppance is on it’s way. It might not hit you square today. But when it does hit, you will say Why me Lord? Why me…? Don’t you see Lord, don’t you […]