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My Dog Walker

I said “Get down, girl!” When she walked up on me. Bitch was tall as I was! Ain’t no if, or, and buts, She had the guts To sit and stand right up to me. Like she was free And I was in no way her master.

Terror Fried

His arse didn’t feel them. The kicks kept coming. He slept right through A major thumping. The blood She clots A major lumping. Hey no stumping! You can’t trade booze for votes! You know they will cross moats! The drawbridge down And still you clown Baptism needs some water! If there was time you oughta… […]

They Reconsumed The Surface

Brother, I eat thou. Thou eats me. If I ask Please let me be. Can’t you see? You won’t free Your mind To find To truly see. You are blind Mostly to me.


Buddy felt stupid. Acted stupid too. Maybe wasn’t stupid compared to you But stupid he felt. Right to his core. Couldn’t shoo stupid out smarten up door. So here to fore. Forevermore. Stupid is as stupid is. Nothing more.

2020 Foresight

There’s fear in the air. It’ll get in your lungs. Sneaks in through your mouth and nose. You don’t wanna be one of those. Living like only you knows. The shit’s hit the fan now. It’s all over and how Deep does this shit get? Who takes the first bet It gets so thick Forms […]

Karma Please Be Real

You are going to hell! Brother, you’d do well To turn yourself in. Cause where you bin Brother, ain’t allowed. You’re bad. So sad. You won’t make the playoffs. Buddy, this is all you got. Here and now. Holy cow. You gonna ride dem rails.

The Rat Watchers

They see you moving in your house. Sneaky, slippery, stinking louse. Threatening all and lady how’s This helping anyone? Look what you’ve done! Hada have your fun. But not at their expense! Lady, you’ve no defense! Put that mask on! Soon it will dawn That you must change your thinking. Lady, you start drinking… The […]

Just A Little Cracking Skull

They were close. Too close. They must be stopped. Someone oughta call a cop. Tackle boy and punch him down. Stop him acting like a clown. Drag him into court in town. Judge address him with a frown. Keep it up boy going down. Slap kid into solitary. Sheeple watching oh so wary. This mine […]

They All Did The High Jump

When dude said shit They went with it and Everyone held their breath. They strapped shit on And missing songs Whistling was verboten. See now they had forgotten. What a smile looked like And one long night Bare faces were indecent.

Let Shit Be

Disturbed, he was and Just because He hit the kill switch hard. It was a place too far. He was lost inside Where life had died But he could not bury life. The shovel handle bites. Bitch will not cut Stuck in this rut They hafta dig the hole themselves.

Somewhere Time

Early or late, you could find this great And grateful man at play. He would play along all day. You would never hear him say That’s it, I’m done. No longer fun. No, I’m undone. No, on the run. Just nodding, plodding Knowing this and that. Knowing nothing’s right Til beheld by the beholder.

Oh The Stuff He Don’t Know!

Magic works because slight jerks Make for empty hands Bird filled cans He dead pans… The audience For anyone paying attention. Don’t think he would mention The ever building tension Where did they go? Could it be so? Votes vaneesh like magic!

Ya The Future’s Right Here

The earth looks flat, but it’s not. The game seems rigged, but it’s not. The bastards smile when they’re caught Living in the cookie jar. They go so very far To prove to you. It ain’t what they do. They will pooh pooh pooh. Any light shone. Where they’ve gone. To the bathroom right in […]