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T’was The Night Before Hellness

You mask up and Task up and You keep your distance. Please no resistance Your pain is an instance Of how you insist that Freedom is better than Living forever Just under the boot of some Jack? Buddy, that’s whacked and You better get back To the place where your grace was Measured by yeses. […]

Of Masks And Hats And Walls To Outer Space

Oh, they were going to divide us. By color or height or weight. They pinned on our badges. All we did was wait. Their bait set in. It was a sin To go or go without it. Bottom of a rock filled pit for you, boi! That won’t do! Take that goddamn hat off!

The Future Comes From Somewhere

Glitches are real and You can feel your Heart skip a beat When you meet Someone could be Your maker.

Lying In Dishonor

Bitch’s lips were moving. She was grooving On the sympathy That only she Manufactured Cause she heard It’s a big thing If no thing Actually happened And she ends Trapped innit. Haha bitch.

Demented Friend

I know the fellow who casually writes Claims this blog is his. I know he sleeps And I know where He sleeps I know where it is. Not here But oh, so close! I know where it is! Being nowhere. Not a place. No time, degrees. WHAT A DISGRACE! What of degrees? No Captain this! […]