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Da Fuhrer Said

When I show my palm like this My dog sits down. When I make my palm a fist My good dog growls. Then I point to target The dog begins to bark at My pointing. Anointing. Another not yet bitten. But soon those teeth will get him. My dog will be forgiven He’s doing what […]

The Trials Of Lefty

You hit your hand on the goddamn door. Kicked the damn cat across the goddamn floor. Kicked up a fuss when you knew there was no Need to be an ass, but an ass you were. Acting like you’re the only person who cares Threatening and frightening your single yard stare. Sad little baby, everybody’s […]

It’s Always Been You Against The World

That breath you first took. You took it from the world. Yes, you gave it back but That breath came to the world A little bit different. It was bent. A bit like you. And you came through That breath. Like death. You slip in and Right back out of here In every breath Life […]

And After Sports, They Played Us All, Each Against The Other.

Television is rigged and Church is rigged and Work is rigged But sports is not and Lotteries no and Voting is not and the economy no Said ol’ Joe Schmoe and Joe would know He’s a cop. Cops must know cause There they go just Busting heads so People dread to See the boys in […]

Say Goodmorning Avatar

The feet that hit the floor Are not yours. Nor the voice that yells at kids And opens doors. The ears that no longer hear, The belly formed of beer, The nose that you revere, Are not yours. You must leave your body. You do so every night. For bodies are small And you are […]

Dem Beggars Want Dey Keedz!

You might keep your fat mouth shut. When they punch you in the the gut. Bite your tongue no matter what They stick your head in sand. You won’t see their plan. But you could see You aint free N you hate me Even saying it. And holy shit Now dey he’ fo’ dey keedz!

Old Guys Straight To The Front Lines

Goddamn trenches were ten feet deep. Filthy creeping mud walls so goddamn steep A bayonet stabber could see defeat If they looked far down in the hole boy. Nothin’ even close to home joy. The rats are taking over. We can hear supplies a commin’! Then they hit the bloody mortar And the evening began […]

Stop Acting Human

Aliens were at the helm. Beggars were steering the ship. When and wherever love was noticed The aliens destroyed it. They hacked at hugs. Iksnayed kisses. Buddy, don’t show your face! Here, take a sharpie. Stab it deep and often. Then you regain your place. Here, in society. There you will quietly Join the non-human […]

Jesus Give Me Strength To Stand Up Against You

The sons a bitches fought so hard To take my life away. Conniving, lying, always trying Anything to have their say. But not today Satans. Not to day. You’ll have to try harder To get your way. Not okay. To say what you say We ain’t gonna play Cause you cheat.

Like An Upside Down Funnel On A Coffee Cup

Life goes up and remembers forward Starts right there in the ground. An ant, a worm, a disgusting bug Buddy, you’ve been around. And each life time You remembered up Like a funnel pointing skyward On a coffee cup Life remembers forward and Life goes up. Ants have no memory of humans or birds Can’t […]

YAY! We’re Gonna Go Camping!

One blanket each and a stink filled pillow. Stop your damn crying, man, it seeds sorrow! You don’t like today? Well, you won’t like tomorrow. Buddy, you need thick skin… Weathered and wind beaten. Kicked in the groin son. Took one and un done. Unglued and then some Body gets in the way. Buddy, he […]

When Gods Aren’t Enough

The Lord had a son. Sent the son-of-a-gun Sent him down here to run. But the work he had done Was never, ever done! We redid, we redid, we redid it! But the work wouldn’t stick. Even laid it on thick! With lightning and thunder! Threats of tossing asunder A bus, any bus, so watch […]

A Little Bitty Prick Let Me Down

Hey get ready for a space invasion! THEY are commin’! You’ll see something! Shit will blow your mind! You will then unwind. Take me to your leader! Then you’ll greet her Bow to an Angel. Listen then you go Bitch we love you to our death. We reget You can bet Anyone of us who […]