Ain’t These The Folks We Was Sent To Help? I Asked My Rotary Brother…

Sneaking blood out of a stone is a wondrous talent.

You have to be able to mobilize rock, though.

And exchange something shiny.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



5 Responses to “Ain’t These The Folks We Was Sent To Help? I Asked My Rotary Brother…”

  1. I looked out at the crowd of poor fuckers who were assembled in a bingo hall.

    To play bingo.

    And our Rotary Club was getting some of the gate. Dude at the cash box beside me was a lawyer and I queried him as to whom he thought we were there to help.

    “The underprivileged” was laddy’s answer.

    Ats who we’re selling this goddamn pieces of paper to I said.

    Later that night Rotary was done with me.

  2. On a Regina Rotary clean up our son came to the conclusion that most folks were just plain ignorant.

    From one fucking clean up.

    The dudes we were working with had been doing this for years.

    Cleaning up after people. Fuck. And. Stupid.

  3. I’m a pretty good mop swinger myself so don’t go there.

  4. Waxed a couple o floors don’t you know?

  5. Wasting humans is what politics does.

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