Being Used is a Good Thing


Man looking closely at ring
Mmm. Nice ring! May I polish it for you…?

He used me!

Automatically eyebrows will be raised and apprehension seeded, ready to reap sometime soon.

Being used. Yuck! In the past I felt dirty or somehow less of a person if the news was revealed that I had once again been used.

Now I understand those past sentiments as coming from a fellow who didn’t understand much about the way the world works.

There is no other alternative.

Everybody MUST get Used

“Make yourself useful.” Have you ever heard that?

That’s the admonition of a wise person councelling another human that they better hurry up and become good enough to be used by someone because that is where all our value lies. In being useful.

“You better get used to it.” Here is another often used phrase which informs the hearer that something is out of whack in their deciphering department and perhaps a rearrangement of beliefs is in order.

Everybody must become useful to at the very least themselves and hopefully more folks than that. Allowing others to employ or engage our talents is a must for our species to succeed and that means that each of us should contemplate regularly how we can be of more value to first ourselves and right afterwards, our fellow humans.

I Sure Am Using YOU

image of black ball on brown pedistle
If you have the balls, we could use them all!

There is something fantastic about creating value with your very own talents. Saying the right thing. Doing the right thing for the right reasons. Not saying the wrong thing. A smile when its needed or a hand up when its not.

Myself, I am planning to be used by every person who knows me or knows of me.

I want to be used by people I haven’t even met yet.

Hopefully, you can use me, too.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. My friend Bill Withers knows about getting used. Take a couple of minutes to listen to one smart dude at work.

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