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When You Change, The Universe Changes.

You ain’t been down this street. Not if you changed your mind. See, the street you left by Not throwing that right. Is a street now far behind. Give yourself a new name. And maybe a new haircut. Cause the road less traveled Is the one you’re on. No if, ands, or buts.

They Once Asked What Got Into Him But They Should Have Been Asking Who


The Politics Of Puking

Say no and no and no and no. Say it walking to and fro. Say it because you know yes means go. And go doesn’t pay no toll here.

Looking Up Is Not Advised During Shitstorms

You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You don’t skin your knee and flail about. You don’t holla Wolf Sir! Looking like ya know sir. You don’t fake it all and still have clout. You… you must know betta. You… don’t a getta upsetta. You… gotta be a gogetta. You… you will see betta. […]

The Purpose Of Life

If you ask what is the purpose of life You’re already on it. Barry

I Know You Fucking Told Me So

  Life has a boot. A great, big boot. And life will walk right on ya. Now, if you scoot and Give a hoot then The boot might loop on by ya. But it’s still there. Don’t you fear. If your soul separates Boot’ll find ya. Barry  

If Yer Gonna Hit The Ditch, Slow Down.

  There’s a rule and it’s made of gold. It’s a hellova thing to behold. Once it’s gotya Don’t get caughtya Striking off on your own. Barry


You’ve been told How things are. Now you know they’ve Gone too far. Barry

They Were Children And Kids Who Got Bigger

Oh, Grow Up! Mother would shout. You don’t know what you’re talking about! You, smirking like that…! You should get a smack…! Just try and talk back…! You won’t sit down for a week! You and your silly damn cheek! Maybe you’ll live in the street! But until you do… You better, you… Watch it! […]

Unproductive Extrapolation

  Let’s say your world falls apart. A couple of times a year. Would you hang your hat from the highest tree? Or would you quietly disappear? If you lived through one fall Could you build on that? Could you find a higher tree to Hang your hat? Or would you say I’ve had it! […]

Some Folks Get God And Other Folks, They Get Cancer.

  Life is a pantry. Filled or not filled. It’s shelves can be loaded Or everything spilled on The floor and the door The damn door will not open! And it’s you on the inside Hearing words not yet spoken Why would you? It’s useless… Your pantry door’s broken. Barry

If You Live To A Ripe Old Age, Maybe You’ve Lived Too Long.

Man, you know it all now. Can’t nobody tell you. Your mind is all made up. Made up. Nothin’ left to make up. Make up. Your maybe’s are outa luck. Barry Your an A Hole when your Amygdala is missing!   The Humor HELIX Uploaded on Nov 11, 2010 The Humor HELIX This short video […]

Don’t Say No Say Uh-Uh

This here is town is same as the rest. Different name. Different address. Same damn test though, Same damn test. Barry

Grumble Garden

There is a way to complain that reduces disdain. Makes is smaller and easy to hide. You’ll not find it deep Nor that far or that wide. But somewhere inside is That saying you’ll never give up. Barry  

Arrg! Persistence!

Hello, my name is Barry and I am a quitter. Okay, I once was a quitter but now I have quit quitting. Yes, I complain and bitch and kick the dirt and cry. Sure, I whine and say why me lord? and try to blame someone else for my misfortunes. Of course I attempt to […]

Yawn To Something

A hint. A whiff. Is all you get. From that you place Your goddamn bet And one damned bet is all you get Bet on you pal, bet on you. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

And Riding Familiarity, The Jockey Contempt.

Eye can smell you from here. You stink like queer. Don’t stand so near Me. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Gods Must Be Chosen Very Carefully

God knows that you love her. You can’t get along without him. And pray you to the wrong god Your prospects will dim. Maybe they’re dimmed already. Maybe you’ve already sinned. Maybe you are your own god. Whom you can forgive. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Love Knows Shit ‘Bout Five PM And Love Takes No Weekends Off

If I could do one thing I’d Help everyone to find what They really love to do then Help them build that love to the firmament. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

All He Ever Wanted Was A Little Em-Pie-Ah

Hey, who goes there?! Better not be you… Cause if it ’tis Then who dat is Runnin’ all dat show? Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Near Misses Count

Ah, the dock. THE DOCK! Gonna hit the dock! But no. Cappy slides them into hawk. Just close enough they can embark. Not knowing how close they came… Doesn’t haveta turn a whole damn ship. No one even feel the turn a bit. Cappy just look where he want it To go. Thank you, friend. […]

Two Steps Forward And Wait, Two Three, Four.

Falling when you’re walking is bad. Falling when you’re running is worse. Falling, maybe jumping, from a moving car, Scabs spelling out some curse. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

God I Like Talking With You

The lord she spake to me this day. She said Barry look at life this way. She said you’re not here. I’m not here too. Then where does what we are come through? She said it comes to you. Comes to you I knew was true. Who you are comes to you… Thank you, friend. […]

Gimme That Old Time Attention

Yes, they were junkies. Needed it or else. Need the brass bands and the Whistles and bells. Needed color. Needed fashion. Needed phase locking eyes Needed love, needed passion. Yearned for it. Squirmed for it. Hollow point blank when Sadly spurned for it. But, throw it around Throw it away. Can’t save it up. It […]

‘Cause Then I’d Hafta Killya

Got a big ‘ol rang. Big as a baby fist. An nigga ifya hasta stare at it, You ain’t caught it’s drift… Airs a game an you’re not init. You’s wartchin’ from da side. And if you’s got enough lucky stars, You two games don’t collide. Thank you, friend. Barry out.  

Two Shits Passing The Night

There’s a bump in the road. A million or more. Holes in the hardtop, And animals, lord! The lines go all missing. Whitenoise still hissing. Blissfully pissing You off. You can’t do this, can’t do this. Can’t do this no more. But look! There in the distance! Ignoring resistance asking Peaceful existence can you Curtail […]

Guts And Brains

Your stomach wants you to eat. Feet say sit on down. A healthy you says With this nose, Ima be a goddamn clown! Thank you, friend. Barry out.

Facination? They Had None.

Huh … said the dog. Wow! Said the cat. Lookie! Said the bird To the humans not looking back. All the people slept with Their eyes wide open. Forget about causation, Correlation was token. So sleep man, sleep. Enjoy a slumber unbroken. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

None Of That Mattered

Keep your chin up and Get out of that gutter. Smile like it’s breathing and Go hug your mother. Hug somebody’s mother or father Or you. Be you and live you and do what you do. Cause nothing else matters but Adding love to the stew. Thank you, friend. Barry out.

When Yer Shaken Like A Leaf You Can See The Tree Bark

It’s micro macro. Turtles all the way down. Turn one over and There’s another turtle found. Hard on top. Soft on the bottom. Good to learn turtle cause Everybody got ’em. Thank you, friend. Barry out.