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Every Bit Of The Whole Damn Thing Squeezed Through Some Little Mind

He drew a big building But the building was bigger Than the biggest damn drawing he drew. He knew this through and through. All he had to do… Was putta bitta paper to pencil.

If You Have A Future, Sell It.

A credit card is an old, armed guard. Knocking on your door in the rain. Brother, he’s back again! See if he can stand the pain! Of ignorance, we’ll ignore the man. And if we can… We’ll only hit the uniform.

Fucked In The Land Of The Fucked, Isn’t Quite As Fucked.

You thought you were But here you are… Barely even fucked. You, on self destruct. You, who piss away luck. You’re back on track Cause you don’t lack The brass where brass nuts come from. Get one keep one from undone. Put an end to no one. Tell you more shit. Be done with it. […]

Get Your Own Country Before They’re All Gone!

Buddy pissed where he wanted. Just a little piss, he didn’t flaunt it. Wasn’t pissing on the neighbors. Not pissing on… (doing favors). Only non pissing on behaviors. Acting like we’re the saviors. When we can barely wait until later. When they come knock at the gate, sir. And we straight hand ’em our papers. […]

Cops And Dodgers

Old Frank Knox was a cop. An old cop who knocked off blocks. Frank didn’t spare the rod. And everywhere he trod Tho’ now it seems quite odd, If Frank gave you a nod You nodded back. There was no lack of self respect. You got all that and heck… Old Frank would kinda hug […]

How To Win The Lottery Without A Ticket

Mister Ponzi was a nice man. Carry your momma’s bags. And if she bitch ’bout bein’ ripped off? Bitch is just one a dem hags. Mister don’t care. Mister, he square. And he got de tabs to prove it! Doan belead me? Den screw it! He goan show he can do it! You goan see […]

Worry Wart Stew

Oh my guts! My guts! My guts! My guts! All twisted in knots Fulla if, ands and buts. Hope the whiskey mighta caught it But no, no, no… Arms wrapped tigher than punching dough. God please help me! What’d I do? Spear to the bread basket Through and through. Wiggle on the line like you […]

Real Time Mandala

Ran as slow as he could he did And the past fell apart behind him. In the present they would not find him. Always fought the good fight. Fought like hell then took flight. Saw that something wasn’t right But slowed down a little too fast. Took everything off the gas. And when time came […]

Gimme That Big ‘Ol Stink Eye

It didn’t kill the buildings. It only worked on people. The churches, they were left intact. Bells rang in the steeple. The king took a knee and A damn long pause. Gave out more candy than Santa Claus. Someone said that sports was fixed. A man named Kobe Bryant. The beggars shut him up so […]

Don’t Write This Down

I’m falling out of love with you. I can’t believe myself it’s true. For everything for me you do. But You fence me in and when I win You says it’s us. Us two. And I don’t think we’re through. But I see you aknew. And I will split into Whatever me for you.

Does Hell Have Years?

He had a boss from hell. Andy knew quite well There were more where She came from. She wasn’t the only one. A Polish meal from hell. A busted fly, do tell. And they do not go well With Hades gravy. Cause luck won’t save yee. One year from hell…

Sanity As A Fad

You happen to love, crazy. You listen here, crazy. You agree with some, crazy. You can’t stand, crazy. You kinda go, crazy. You like it there, crazy. You cachet, crazy. You won’t stop, crazy. You wonder some, crazy. Why do they call you Crazy?

The Child Rearing App

Your last time to the play store. Down loaded, in settings. The features you’re getting. Hold on now, you’re betting The whole damn store. So tap on No Regrets. Check I’ll Take What I Get. Link your bank account. Check Max Amount. Apply for an overdraft. It’s a check mark, don’t be daft. Check reoccurring […]

IF You Can Listen As You Speak

Bad shit tumbled outa his mouth. Words weighed nada as he flailed them about. No more whispers, now they had clout. Flung them so far on his powerful shout. Gonna git you this time. You are gonna be mine. We are gonna be fine. Once you’re with me. Then you will see. How staying free […]

He Took The Shrooms And Then The Shrooms Took Him

Two big pieces of apple pie! What a guy! So, so fly! Says hello when he means good bye. Never says what he means. So many in-betweens. The space between lines is for reading. If you’re no reader, use feeling. Feel the words you may produce. Feel them up and then reduce Your you print. […]

Goddamn The Envelope Pusher Man

Son-of-a-bitch would not leave Well enough alone. He’d improve this. Upgrade that. Like a dawg huntin’ for a bone. There was no Wait! Hold the phone! Ifa need be, go it alone. Nothin’, nowhere to atone. A lonely man. With the only hand. Clenched tight upon life’s rudder. He knew there was no other. If […]


Water thirsty guzzle, guzzle. Thirsty thereby quenched. Beer thirsty guzzle, guzzle. Thirst drenched but never quenched. Fighting ’til yer stenched. In yer own sweat and Yer own piss But that ain’t nuthin’, No, nuthin’… this… Whiskey thirsty, guzzle, guzzle. Leapin’ beads of shotgun muzzle. Guzzle burns the house a-fuzzle. Torches towns, sets fields ablaze. Whiskey […]

As Soon As You Cross The Rubicon, Things Don’t Look The Same.

Where you’re going Ain’t where you bin. You was out. Now you in. Trouble, my friend. You found lots! Now it gots Your short hairs. All behind. You will find There’s no need To plant that seed. It’s already sprouted Inside you.

Bating Satan

You got a rope around your neck. Around your neck. Around your neck. You don’t even give a heck. Not one speck. What the feck. Unborn daughter calls to you. You pull through. Like she do. You now wonder if it’s true. We can do. But not do.

The Notches Of Love

Everytime her pie hole flapped He would carve another notch. And every notch was piled up The last one was a gotcha! It split their bark. Turned their love light dark It left a mark… The marks joined up til They formed some words They were tough to make out Then the main marker heard […]

If You Must Eat Shit, Make It Tough.

You’ve got a damn good reason to complain But you don’t. You could whine and bitch about your pain But you won’t. Because that pain builds muscle. Which is needed for any hustle Through the hurtin’ shat storm called life. Life ain’t always plight but If you ain’t got it right It spanks both day […]

There Is Ex Amount Of People And Less Amount Of Confidence

You are. Pissed off. Rejected. Dejected. Reflecting. Deflecting. Absconding. Belonging. Get ahead now. Or dead how? It’s all the same. A bloody game. Wild then tame. Yourself to blame Even if you don’t acknowledge it.

Jesus, The World You Made For Me Is So Fucked Up.

Lawd… I pray… Please Lawdy hep me! I beg of you, get me through, Just this day and night! Please help me fight! Throw more wet on this bag! Could you push, pull or drag Another puncher. Hep me puncture This yuge paper bag? Lawdy…? I need a savior! I am your slave here and […]

Set Yer Automaton To Eighty Percent

You shake when you see them cops boy. Cramp when a muscle says cramp. Sweat like it’s raining if somebody Mention work. Stop lifting shit cause you can’t. Grunt when you need to, With a pie hole shut. Make a clasp of hands So you don’t tut tut. Leave all robots running Just tune ’em […]

Could It Be That Yer A Stupid Cunt?

You stay there in the ditch. Lest reveal that you a bitch. You smart when no one smarter. You steal from the larder. While we all sleep You bastard creep Into our hearts and minds. We love you lots But that’s what boughts This fighting from the get-go. And now that you say let go […]

Game Fucking ON You Idiots

On second thought Ima do my own thang. Just like before you scooped it. You just went all damn stupid. And I don’t think you know what you’ve done… You smacked a hornet’s nest. Now it’ll take your best Efforts to not get stung. You don’t know what you’ve begun. Herds ‘o purple cows in […]

The Change, She Is Not Coming.

In a town where everyone limps No one thinks they’re limping. No one calls out Gimpy! Everyone has a cane. Everyone limps the same. Waddling is respected. Stumbling is expected. Stairs? Nobody wants ’em. Stares? Nobody gets ’em. Everybody’s shoes wear out the same. Draggin’ at foot lak dey was lame. Man ‘o man, please […]

Personal Message To My Reader

I know who you are. Who you are. Who you are. I know you know I know Who you are. Who you are. But that don’t get us both Very far. Very far. I know you can’t reveal. Cause you wan make me squeal. Like airyday christmas. It’s open present time.  

Gone! Curiosity Gone!

Certainty is what we need! Got no time to grow from seed! You don’t follow, you will bleed! You wanna drive an old car? Name on a seat in an old bar? You taken freedom too far! Buddy, look at your clothes. You ain’t one of those Fortunates whom knows If fashion’s cool, you frozen. […]

Mind The Yap Gap

People say and people do. More people say than do. To those folks, don’t be true. Don’t give them all of you. Don’t let them lead you through The smallest part of you And do not settle, do. Not.